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Zooous (ズオス, Zuosu)[1] is one of the three Megid generals alongside Legeiel and Storious. After being defeated by Saber and Blades, he allows Storious to enhance the Zooous Alter Ride Book to transform into Zooous Predator (ズオス・プレデター, Zuosu Puredetā).


Early Life

Legeiel smiling with his companions upon arriving in the Wonder World.

Two thousand years ago, Zooous was part of a group of five travelers alongside Victor, Storious, Legeiel, and the man who would become the first Master Logos who sought out Wonder World in the hopes that its power could be used to give humanity a better life. They eventually found a mysterious woman from the Wonder World with the power to link the worlds and became her followers, becoming the first humans to set foot in the Wonder World after she enabled them to pass over. There, the five bore witness to the source of the Wonder World's power, the Almighty Book.

While Victor and Master Logos continue to pursue to use the vast array of knowledge to give humanity a better life, Zoous and Legeiel were tempted by Storious to take the Almighty Book's power and use it to enrich themselves. The three of them each tore a page from the book, embedding the pages into themselves to become the very first Megid. The Megid would soon use the pages they had collected to create the Alter Ride Books and use them to build a vast army to fight against the Sword of Logos.

Zooous was one of the Megid present at the War of Wonder World that occurred 15 years prior, when the traitorous Hayato Fukamiya attempted to seize the Almighty Book from the Sword of Logos, only for him to be seemingly killed by his comrade, Daichi Kamijo. During the fight, Zooous fought Kenshin Nagamine, the previous Kamen Rider Blades and mentor of Rintaro Shindo.

Reemergence in Present Day

After the second Golem Megid was destroyed by Kamen Rider Buster, Zooous put his own plan into motion and summoned the Hanzaki Megid, who set up a plan to gather human hostages for the Megid by spreading blank Wonder Ride Books all across the city. When opened, these books would trap whoever opened them within them. One of the people to open them was Sora Ogami, the son of Ryo Ogami, who was the second user of Buster.

Eventually, Zooous and the other Megid generals put their plan into motion, with help from Calibur. They created giant books at six points in the city that formed a ring and used them to create a portal connecting Earth to the Wonder World, summoning the book that contained the Almighty Book. While Calibur flew inside the portal to obtain the page, the three generals assumed their Megid forms to hold off the Kamen Riders of the Sword of Logos. However, they were unable to stop Saber from entering the portal after Calibur. Ultimately, Saber would thwart Calibur's attempt to obtain the Almighty Book and Calibur died after being stabbed through the back by the rogue Desast.

Zooous was frustrated that all the Megid's work had been undone, but Storious assured him that it was not for nothing as there were now numerous humans who were linked who could be used to create more Megid. While Legeiel created the Yeti Megid, Zooous took the opportunity to train himself and become stronger to avenge his loss against Blades, all while gathering more Alter Ride Books from people that Touma and his friends were unable to help.

Rivalry Against The Water Swordsman

Following the demise of Legeiel, Zooous was sent by Storious to create a new Megid from Mei Sudo in order to lure out the Kamen Riders and defeat him. Turning her into the Neko Megid, Zooous was able to draw out Saber and Blades. The two attempted to free Mei, only to discover that the Neko Megid had turned other humans into decorations for itself, leading Touma to pull back out of fear of harming any of them. Despite this, Saber would later try again to free Mei while Blades held off Zooous, only for him to stop at the last second when Zooous was about to kill Rintaro in order to stop him from needlessly sacrificing himself. With the two Riders defeated, Zooous and the Neko Megid departed for the time being, with Zooous commenting that he had another fun time with the Riders.

Touma and Rintaro later made one more attempt to save Mei. While Rintaro became Blades and held off Zooous, Touma fought the Neko Megid and attempted to save Mei from it, but to no avail. Once Rintaro and Touma fought off Zooous, however, their combined convictions were able to pull off an energy slash that successfully separated Mei from the Megid. With Mei finally saved, the two Riders finished off the Neko Megid before turning to face Zooous, subsequently defeating him with a combined Rider Kick. Despite this, the enraged Zooous refused to stay down and got up to his feet to face the two Riders again, though his burning body was a sign that he was going to upgrade himself. Before he could properly do so, however, Storious intervened and retrieved the key that Zooous had dropped before returning to their lair with the still-burning Megid general.

Final Battle and Death

Zooous's death.

"You're pretty strong. Let's fight again sometime."
―Zooous's last words to Rintaro.[src]

Zooous was enhanced by Storious into the much stronger Zooous Predator. After the barrier to Northern Base was destroyed, Storious brought Zooous Predator with him to attack the base at the same time when Reika Shindai and Ryoga Shindai made their move to claim the other Seikens, though Zooous refused to listen to Storious in order to settle his score with Rintaro. While Touma and Yuri held off the Shindai siblings, Rintaro went on his own to deal with his Megid rival. While Buster defended Rintaro, he was still an overwhelming match against the Land Swordsman. Rintaro's determination to protect his friends as allowed the fragment of the Almighty Book to respond to him, and he transformed into Kamen Rider Blades Tategami Hyoujuusenki. With this new form, Rintaro was able to finally vanquish Zooous. In his final moments, Zooous commends how strong Blades had become and expressed his desire for a rematch in the future, proudly saying farewell before his body shattered into ice shards.


Like Storious and Legeiel, Zooous appears to have at one point been a good-hearted person committed to bringing about a better standard of living for his fellow man. His good intentions stayed with him when he and the rest of Victor's party entered the Wonder World, but after a glimpse of the Great Book's power, Zooous became corrupted by his desire to obtain it and teamed up with Storious and Legeiel to steal it for their own selfish purposes, with the three using the pages they tore from it to become the Megid.

As a Megid, Zooous is much more battle hungry and bloodthirsty than his associates, viewing his battles as "hunts" and always looking to enjoy himself as much as possible whenever he enters a fight. Because of this, Zooous often gets bored if he is fighting against an opponent who is much weaker than he is, to the point where he will often not bother to finish them off as he views them as not worth the effort. Compared to Storious and Legeiel, who generally prefer planning and strategy, Zooous employs little strategy other than brute force when it comes to fighting the Sword of Logos. However, he is still loyal to his organization, and was angered by Desast revealing information to Rintaro. Unlike the other two generals, he sees no value in underhanded tactics and trickery, as he believes that it does not belong in a true fight. As a result, he attempted to stop Storious from keeping Mei Sudo as a hostage by trying to eat her alive.

Zooous has a short fuse, and can hold a strong grudge. His past respect for honor in a fight had been strained when he was humiliated by Rintaro, and his primary motivation afterwards was to torment the second Water Swordsman as much as possible. He went to great lengths to emotionally torment Rintaro, and was more than willing to use Mei as bait via using the Neko Megid, as opposed to when he stopped Storious from taking her as a hostage earlier on. This does not mean that Zooous is stupid, however, as he displays near-feral cunning with how he fights during battle. On occasion, he is genuinely capable of incredibly devious tactics when given the chance, such as when he turned Mei into the Neko Megid, as he was well aware of her relationship with Touma and Rintaro and how reluctant they would be to actually fight their close friend.

When Rintaro finally ended his life, Zooous's past human personality resurfaced due to finally being freed from the Great Book's influence, with his former self showing how he respected Rintaro's growth in his strength and convictions.

Powers and Abilities


  • Longevity: After becoming a Megid from taking a fraction of the Great Book's power, Zooous was able to live for more than 2,000 years.


  • Master Combatant: Zooous is very strong in a fight, relying on a brutal and animalistic fighting style such as slashing wildly with his two swords and smashing his opponent's face repeatedly. In addition, every time he fights, he learns and grows stronger, showing that an opponent cannot use the same technique against him twice.
  • Master Acrobat: Zooous is very agile, being able to perform several flips and even implement them in his fighting style. His acrobatic skills are more apparent when he is in his human form.



  • Legeiel: One of his companions. Due to both of their hot-headed and arrogant natures, they frequently butt heads.
  • Storious: One of his companions. Storious granted Zooous his Predator form.
  • Current Master Logos: While they never met face to face, Master Logos allowed Zooous (through Storious) to rampage through Northern Base, unknowingly alongside Durendal and Sabela.
  • Reika Shindai/Kamen Rider Sabela: Reika was initially unaware of Zooous wreaking havoc in Northern Base, and showed shock when Touma told her. When she finally saw him, she was clearly unnerved.
  • Ryoga Shindai/Kamen Rider Durendal: TBA



  • Tassel: Way before Zooous turned into a Megid, he was clearly on good terms with Tassel, who at the time was known as Victor.
  • Master Logos (original): TBA





  • Height: 204.0 cm
  • Weight: 135.2 kg


  • Alter Ride Books
  • Claws: Zooous can deliver power strikes with his claws.
  • Twin Swords: Zooous wields a pair of khopesh-style swords in combat.


  • Megid Creation: With an Alter Ride Book, Zooous can create an animal-themed Megid.
  • Transformation: Zooous can transform from his human form into his Megid form at will.
  • Flame Projectiles: Zooous can generate and launch blue and yellow colored fireballs from his hands.
  • Enhanced Strengh: Zooous possesses raw strength that he can block Kamen Rider Blades' sword with only an arm.
  • Consumption: Zooous can open his mouth really wide to devour his victims.
  • Teleportation: Zooous can move from one area to another instantly.
  • Battle Adaptation: Zooous' fighting style and abilities adapt automatically from each battle he's fought to not be defeated the same way twice.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 5-8, 11-12, 14-15, an episode of Kamen Rider Blades, 23, 30, 31

Zooous Predator

Zooous Predator


  • Height: 204.0 cm
  • Weight: 135.2 kg

Zooous Predator (ズオス・プレデター, Zuosu Puredetā)[2] is the strongest form of Zooous, who has become an absolute predator. Exposed to his inner wildness, he surpasses reason and reigns at the top of the food chain with his power.


  • Feral Mind: Zooous Predator can tap into a primal instinctive state of mind, which can release an unstoppable rage that allows him to perform in vastly increased capacity, taking and inflicting damage that he couldn't in his normal state.
  • Augmented Strength: By pushing his body to the limit, Zooous Predator's raw strength has explosively increased to the point he can cause structural damage, easily defeat Buster and Blades, and lift heavy objects without restraint.
  • Enhanced Agility: Zooous Predator can maneuver quickly, efficiently and effortlessly than in his original form.
  • Flame Projectiles: Zooous Predator can generate flames from his jaws at will.
Appearances: Saber Episode 32, Kamen Rider Saber: Final Stage

Megid Created

Behind the Scenes


  • Zooous is portrayed by Koji Saikawa (才川 コージ, Kōji Saikawa). As a Megid, his suit actor is Shogo Teramoto (寺本 翔悟, Teramoto Shōgo).


  • Zooous' name is a combination of the words "Zoo" (, ), referencing his specialty being living animals, and "Theos" (オス, Teosu), means "god" or "deity" in Ancient Greek.


  • Zooous' acrobatic skill stems from his actor Koji Saikawa being skilled in parkour.
  • Zooous was technically the only Megid to enter Touma's bookstore, mainly because he was able to catch Mei off-guard while inside.




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