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"Zikan Girade!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

―Ken Mode's change announcement[src]

―Zyu Mode's change announcement[src]

"Time Charge: 5...4...3...2...1...Zero Time!"
―Special attack activation announcement[src]

"Giri Giri Giri!"
―Ken Mode special attack announcement[src]

"Sure Sure Uchi!"
―Zyu Mode special attack announcement[src]

"Finish Time: (Ridewatch name) Giri Giri Slash!"
―Finisher announcement for Ken Mode[src]

"Finish Time: (Ridewatch name) Sure Sure Shooting!"
―Finisher announcement for Zyu Mode[src]

"Saikyo Finish Time: King Giri Giri Slash!"
―Saikyo Zikan Girade Ken Mode Best face finisher announcement[src]

"Saikyo Finish Time: Rider Giri Giri Slash!"
―Saikyo Zikan Girade Ken Mode Rider face finisher announcement[src]

"Saikyo Finish Time: King Sure Sure Shooting!"
―Saikyo Zikan Girade Zyu Mode Best face finisher announcement[src]

"Saikyo Finish Time: Rider Sure Sure Shooting!"
―Saikyo Zikan Girade Zyu Mode Rider face finisher announcement[src]

The Character Conversion Gun-Sword Zikan Girade (字換銃剣 ジカンギレード Jikan Jū Ken Jikan Girēdo)[1] is the personal weapon of Kamen Rider Zi-O.

Mirror World's Kamen Rider Zi-O also has his own Zikan Girade (Mirror World version) (ジカンギレード(ミラーワールドバージョン)[2] Jikan Girēdo Mirā Wārudo Bājon), a mirrored version of normal one.


The Zikan Girade consists of the following parts:

  • Girade Ryūzu (ギレードリューズ Girēdo Ryūzu, lit. Girade Crown) - The special attack mechanism. By pressing the Girade Ryūzu, the Time Charge will start, allowing Zi-O to execute basic finishing attacks. However, if a Ridewatch is installed in the Ridewatch Slot, a special finisher is initiated, harnessing the powers of the Ridewatch currently in the Ridewatch Slot.
  • Impact Sign (インパクトサイン Inpakuto Sain) - The katakana of the Jikan Girade, it reads out either Sword (ケン Ken) or Gun (ジュウ ) in Katakana depending on the mode. Internal mechanisms shift when the Impact Sign changes.
  • Pass Band Liner (パスバンドライナー Pasu Bando Rainā) - A switch mechanism that boosts power by removing the limiter.
  • Break Trigger (ブレークトリガー Burēku Torigā) - The handle of the Zikan Girade.
  • Ridewatch Slot (ライドウォッチスロット Raidowotchi Surotto) - The input module for Ridewatches. By inserting a Ridewatch into it, the weapon can power up for finishers.
  • Grip Connector (グリップコネクター Gurippu Konekutā) - An interface link system that connects with the Rider suit through the grip of the handle. This allows the Zikan Girade to receive battle data to optimize its systems for the user. In situations where a Riderwatch is inserted, the Grip inputs data of the Ridewatch directly into the user's suit, allowing them to understand how to use it in battle.

Ken Mode only

  • Girade Edge (ギレードエッジ Girēdo Eiji) - The blade portion of the weapon. By using the central component oscillator that powers the blade, the weapon becomes a high energy and frequency tool that can cut through almost any substance. By inserting a Ridewatch and executing a Time Break, the weapon goes into an overload state and its frequency becomes high enough to penetrate past the vibrational frequency of Another Rider and destroy its Ridewatch.

Zyu Mode only

  • Girade Muzzle (ギレードマズル Girēdo Mazuru) - The muzzle of the Zikan Girade. The Zyu Mode fires high-speed energy bullets generated by an injector. When a Time Charge from a Ridewatch is performed, the system goes into its overload state and matches the energy vibration of the enemy to pierce them and its destructive power increases greatly and improves.


The Zikan Girade has two modes; Ken Mode (ケンモード Ken Mōdo, lit. "Sword Mode") and Zyu Mode (ジュウモード Jū Mōdo, lit. "Gun Mode")[3].

Special Attacks

To activate a special attack, Zi-O must press the Girade Ryūzu on the Zikan Girade.


To activate a finisher, Zi-O must plug a Ridewatch in the Ridewatch Slot of the Zikan Girade. Combining with the Saikyo Girade, Zi-O II plugs in the face of the Saikyo Girade, and attaches the weapon on the back edge.

  • Giri Giri Slash (ギリギリスラッシュ Giri Giri Surasshu): Zi-O uses the power of a Ridewatch in the Zikan Girade in Ken Mode, and performs a powerful slash.
    • Zi-O: Zi-O coats the Zikan Girade in magenta energy before slashing the enemy. The slash then projects two silver energy clocks upon impact.
    • Gaim: Zi-O coats the Zikan Girade in orange energy before slashing the enemy. The slash then projects an orange slice energy upon impact in a manner similar to the Daidaimaru's Daidai Ittou finisher.

  • Sure Sure Shooting (スレスレシューティング[5] Zure Zure Shūtingu): Zi-O uses the power of a Ridewatch in the Zikan Girade in Zyu Mode, and performs a powerful blast.
    • Fourze: Zi-O shoots a projection of the Rocket Module at the enemy. Alternatively, Zi-O shoots a barrage of missiles at the enemy in a manner similar to the Launcher Module.
    • W: Zi-O shoots purple energy bullets surrounded by green gusts of wind, in a manner similar to Double CycloneTrigger's Trigger Aerobuster.

To activate a finisher, Zi-O combines the Saikyo Girade with the Zikan Girade for a supercharged attack.

  • King Giri Giri Slash (キングギリギリスラッシュ Kingu Giri Giri Surasshu): This finisher has several variations.

Zi-O coats the combined Saikyo Zikan Girade with yellow energy, before raising the weapon, extending the energy blade with a line of pink characters spelling Zi-O Saikyou (ジオウサイキョウ Jiou Saikyou, Zi-O Strongest) forming along it, as Zi-O strikes down the enemy with a downward slash. Another variation has Zi-O performing a sideways slash on an airborne enemy with the pink characters also left behind like a trail.

Has two variations:

  • Zi-O performing a 360 degree horizontal slash on surrounding enemies with the pink characters also left behind like a trail. 2001: Unknown Memory
  • Zi-O performs a extended version of King Giri Giri Slash.2068: Ohma Time

As GrandZi-O, Zi-O coats the combined Saikyo Zikan Girade with yellow energy, before extending the energy blade with a line of pink characters spelling Zi-O Saikyo (ジオウサイキョウ Jiou Saikyou, Zi-O Strongest) forming along it, as Zi-O slashes multiple enemies down.

As OhmaForm, Zi-O teleports himself in front of enemies, then strikes down the enemy with a downward slash.

After Zi-O presses the Ride On Starter on any Ridewatches inserted into the Ziku-Driver before pressing the Ride On Ruser and rotating the Ziku Circular 360 degrees, he can activate a standard Time Break finisher and uses with Zikan Girade. He can combined with Time Break finisher Saikyo Zikan Girade's King Giri Giri Slash finisher as well.

Time Break (タイムブレイク Taimu Bureiku): Zi-O performs an enhanced version of his Giri Giri Slash.

  • Twice Time Break/King Giri Giri Slash (トゥワイスタイムブレーク/キングギリギリスラッシュ Tuwaisu Taimu Burēku/Kingu Giri Giri Surasshu): Using the Saikyo Zikan Girade in Best Face, Zi-O coats the combined Saikyo Zikan Girade with magenta energy, before raising the weapon, extending the energy blade , forming along it, as Zi-O strikes down the enemy with a several slash.

  • Trinity Time Break Burst Explosion (トリニティタイムブレークバーストエクスプロージョン Toriniti Taimu Burēku Bāsuto Ekusupurōjon): Zi-OTrinity directly stabs enemy with Saikyo Girade in a manner of King Giri Giri Slash.

  • Haoh Giri/Noko Setsuzan (覇王斬り/ノコ切斬 Haō Giri/Noko Setsuzan): Zi-O and Geiz do their respective Rider Slash finishers through their weapons.

  • Ichigeki Time Burst/Sui-kin-chi-ka-moku-do-ten-kai Explosion/King Giri Giri Slash (一撃タイムバースト/水金地火木土天海エクスプロージョン/キングギリギリスラッシュ Ichigeki Taimu Bāsuto/Sui-kin-chi-ka-moku-do-ten-kai Ekusupurōjon/Kingu Giri Giri Surasshu): Geiz and Woz perform a double Rider Kick on two separate targets before Zi-O finishes them off with the King Giri Giri Slash.


  • The "Zikan" part could mean either Time (時間 Jikan) or its Character Conversion (字換 Jikan), representing Zi-O's "watch" and "Katakana" motifs.
    • The Girade part comes from combination of the words To cut (切れ Kire) and Blade (ブレード Burēdo), representing its sword motif. The whole word comes from the Japanese word for "Time out (時間切れ Jikan-gire)".
  • Its design and function appears to be a mix of WizarSwordGun from Kamen Rider Wizard and Musou Saber from Kamen Rider Gaim, in that the two modes are accessible with little to no effort, and requires the transformation trinkets to activate a finisher.
    • Notably, the design aesthetics leans towards the WizarSwordGun, while the finisher activation lean more to the Musou Saber, and partially the Hinawadaidai-DJ-Ju, due to similar aspects with the Musou Saber.
      • While the weapon is similar to the Musou Saber's design in terms of how the modes are represented, it also appears as a slight inversion of the Hinawadaidai-DJ-Ju, where the bladed portion is exposed when in gun mode, but requires no additional components to activate Sword Mode, as opposed to both elements of the Hinawadaidai-DJ-Ju only present when combined with the Musou Saber.
      • However, the Hinawadaidai-DJ-Ju Taiken Mode would much better be compared with the Saikyo Zikan Girade, as they were a combination of the personal weapon and Super Form-exclusive weapon of their respective riders.
    • Uniquely, there is a Form-exclusive weapon that further emphasizes the sword mode's blade by attaching it to the edge.
      • The concept of two weapons being layered to form a larger weapon has been seen more commonly in Super Sentai and Power Rangers.
        • The design closely parallels GekirangerIcon-crosswiki.png and Jungle FuryIcon-crosswiki.png, with the way the new weapon layers on top of the other's sword mode, and with how the armor's upgrade has accents of the base armor raised and providing additional shoulder armor.




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