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Zeronos Card

The Green and Yellow Zeronos Cards which allow Zeronos to change into his Altair and Vega Forms

Zeronos Card (ゼロノスカード Zeronosu Kādo) are a transformation card item used by Yuto Sakurai, also known as Kamen Rider Zeronos. These cards allow him to switch from his Altair, Vega, and Zero forms. Unlike Den-O or some other Riders in the series, the Zeronos cards have a number of times they can be used and once its energy is used up, he can no longer use the card as it dissolves away upon ejection from the belt.

New Zeronos Card

The Red Zeronos Card which accesses Zero Form

These cards are made from the memories of Yuto's existence, thus if they're completely exhausted, Yuto risks ceasing to exist in the minds of those he cares about that are not Singularity Points. Later, he gets a set of red Zeronos Cards from his future self that use his own memories to change into Zero Form.

In Kamen Rider Den-O: I'm Born!, Yuto demonstrated Zeronos cards can be used in place of a Rider Pass to traverse time by inserting them into the Rider Pass slot of his Machine ZeroHorn.

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