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Zero the Great (ゼロ大帝 Zero Taitei, 14-24): A body double who poses for the real Zero, using his lance to execute traitors and failures alike. When Amazon arrives to Garanda's base, Zero negates the GiGi Armlet's powers with his lance as the Helium Bomb is installed. However, once the GaGa Armlet is fused to the GiGi Armlet, Amazon become immune to Zero's power as he loses his arm to the Kamen Rider before he gets impaled by his own pit trap.


Zero the Great is the title of those who inherited three sacred treasures of the Garanda Empire's ruling Zero House (ゼロ家 Zero-ka): the Helmet of Flaming Wings (火の翼のかぶと Hi no Tsubasa no Kabuto), the Blood Cloak (血のマント Chi no Manto), and the spear Blue Thunder (青い雷 Aoi Kaminari). The current Zero the Great was said to have been born in 1938, and aged 37 when he was slain in 1975.

The legendary ruler of the Garanda Empire, Zero the Great asserts his claim of descent from the ruling dynasty of the ancient Parthian Empire. He wears a helmet with a flaming decoration while his body is guarded by steel armor. A very cruel man, Zero does not hesitate to execute unsuccessful Beastmen and Kurojusha with a sparkling high voltage beam from the Blue Lightning spear.[1]


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Appearances in other media

Kamen Rider Spirits

Great Emperor Zero and Other Villains from Manga


In the manga Kamen Rider Spirits, "Zero the Great" transplanted Daisuke Yamamoto's left arm with a GiGi Armlet and became the Evil Amazon (悪のアマゾン Aku no Amazon).

Kamen Rider SD: Sortie!! Rider Machines

Gundam Zero.png

Zero the Great appears as the fourth boss at the end of the fourth stage. He appears in a rocket powered walker mecha and fires his machine gun at V3 while trying to side swipe the Hurricane. Using defensive powerups to hit him at a distance or dodge his gunfire and kick the mech and it will eventually whittle down his armor and destroy the walker mecha.

S.I.C. Hero Saga


In an alternated timeline which the ten veteran Showa Riders were erased by an unknown power, when Zero the Great was decapitate by Ruler in front of Kamen Rider Hibiki, it was revealed that the true identity of this fake Emperor Zero is actually always Salamander Beastman, who imitated the Ruler's appearance as the political decoy. Kamen Rider Den-O: Lost Train

Behind the scenes


Zero the Great is portrayed by Hirohisa Nakata (中田 博久 Nakata Hirohisa) who previously played the titular character of Captain Ultra and MasonIcon-crosswiki.png in the 1984 Super Sentai series Choudenshi BiomanIcon-crosswiki.png, and later will go on to portray Ginnojou Oshiiro in Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 20.


Zero the Great's design is based on a knight of Medieval Europe, recalling the Spanish Conquistadors who conquered the Incan Empire in what would become the home of Amazon.[2]


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