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Icon-zero-one.png This article is about a movie in Kamen Rider Zero-One.
Red alert.jpg WARNING: This movie contains scenes of gun violence, graphic violence, blood and character death. Viewer discretion is advised!

Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider Vulcan & Valkyrie (ゼロワン Others 仮面ライダーバルカン&バルキリー, Zerowan Azāzu: Kamen Raidā Barukan Ando Barukirī) is a Japanese superhero film that serves as the second and final installment of the Zero-One Others series of V-Cinext films set within the continuity of Kamen Rider Zero-One. It focuses on Isamu Fuwa and Yua Yaiba as they attempt to stop Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai from thrusting humanity into a new era of agony and despair.

The catchphrase is "The story comes towards its conclusion..." (物語は完結へーー, Monogatari wa Kanketsu e...).


Shigeru Daimonji, the Secretary of National Defense, has ordered Yua Yaiba/Kamen Rider Valkyrie to eliminate Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai. While she hesitates to act on this directive, the Rider itself sets sights on Valkyrie. Meanwhile, the now former Solds attempt to discover freedom for the first time without ZAIA Enterprise, while engaging in an all-out war against A.I.M.S. Isamu Fuwa/Kamen Rider Vulcan, who personally witnessed the birth of Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai, investigates to discover their true goal. What is Yua's fate, who acts on her own justice as she refuses to fight both Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai, the Solds, and Isamu who is determined to carry out his final mission as Kamen Rider Vulcan?

Continuity and Placement


Yua Yaiba holds a press-conference regarding the destruction of ZAIA Japan at the hands of MetsubouJinrai.net, which sends the media into a frenzy as they demand A.I.M.S. to be held responsible for the situation. Shigeru Daimonji later contacts Yua and orders her to eliminate them once and for all. As A.I.M.S. personnel rescue Gai Amatsu from the destroyed ZAIA building, Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai continues their advance, with Isamu Fuwa chasing after them. Yua eventually encounters the rogue Rider who declares that “Valkyrie will be Extinct”, forcing her and Isamu to team up and fight against them. Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai overwhelms both Riders and destroys Isamu’s Shotriser, forcing the two to retreat.

Meanwhile, following their disconnection from the Massbrain System, Sold9 decides to join MetsubouJinrai.net alongside the other Solds, viewing their actions as justice, while Sold20 continues to be loyal to humans/ZAIA and helps Yua escape back to A.I.M.S. headquarters. Sold9 eventually confronts Isamu at gunpoint, arguing that MetsubouJinrai.net was justice, but Isamu corrects him saying that it cannot be defined by rationality and logic, but rather by following your heart. Similarly, Yua explains to Sold20 how justice means not blindly following orders, but rather having the motivation to protect all life.

Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai invades the A.I.M.S. HQ and going against Daimonji’s directive, Yua orders her troops to fall back and keep the civilians safe. MetsubouJinrai tries to attack her but Sold20 pushes her aside and takes the hit. Severely damaged, she hands Yua the Serval Tiger Zetsumerise Key before shutting down, letting her transform to Kamen Rider Valkyrie Justice Serval. The two Riders battle which ends with Valkyrie damaging the MetsubouJinrai Driver, at the cost of her Shotriser also getting destroyed. Isamu arrives and sees MetsubouJinrai walk away, leaving Yua heavily injured. While she is unconscious, Yua recalls her time in college when one of her professor's A.I. projects resulted in the death of an eight-year-old European girl.

Waking up at the hospital, Yua and Isamu try to make sense of the rogue Rider’s intentions, with Fuwa remembering his last conversation with Horobi. He figures out that Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai wants to be destroyed and that they are targeting Yua to get to him. Isamu grabs the Assault Grip created by Naki and goes to Hiden Intelligence, asking Izu to repair his Shotriser but he's turned down due to A.I.M.S. technology being ZAIA’s property, with it being trade secret. He is then contacted by Aruto Hiden from outer space and helps him get access to a Zero-One Driver by creating his own company: Kamen Rider Vulcan Co., Ltd.

The Sold Humagears continue their attack on A.I.M.S. but Sold9 tries to stop them, convincing them that MetsubouJinrai.net never wanted to eliminate humanity. This leads to the other Solds to attack him, forcing an arriving Fuwa to push them back, while also helping Sold9 back up. Now heavily-damaged, Sold9 tells the Solds that misguided justice just becomes evil, while handing Fuwa his Dire Wolf Zetsumerise Key before shutting down. Fuwa then proceeds to confront MetsubouJinrai and transforms to Kamen Rider Vulcan Lone Wolf.

The two Riders engage in a heated battle while Ono contacts Yua who gets up and chases after Fuwa. The battle between Vulcan and MetsubouJinrai culminates with the two trading Rider Kicks, ending with the latter’s destruction. Despite winning, Fuwa drops down critically injured while Yua reaches him and rushes to his side as he loses consciousness and presumably dies.

Sometime later, Secretary Daimonji issues a statement about MetsubouJinrai.net’s termination while also undermining humanoid A.I. with the intent of abolishing it. However, Yua arrives together with the rebuilt Sold9 and Sold20 and tells the press that she and A.I.M.S. will continue to protect A.I. and that they will continue to uphold MetsubouJinrai’s will. The scene then pans out to the four members of MetsubouJinrai.net standing by the door.

The final scene shows MetsubouJinrai.net walking out to the hallway and fading away, before Yua and the Solds come out and walk away from the room. Finally, Isamu walks straight in the corridor and fades into the light.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Vulcan Isamu Fuwa
Kamen Rider Valkyrie Yua Yaiba


Sold Humagear

Hiden Intelligence




Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai MetsubouJinrai


Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Key Used:
    • Vulcan
      • Shooting Wolf
    • Valkyrie
      • Rushing Cheetah
  • Form Used:
    • Vulcan
      • Shooting Wolf
    • Valkyrie
      • Rushing Cheetah


  • Key Used:
    • Vulcan
      • Dire Wolf
    • Valkyrie
      • Serval Tiger
    • MetsubouJinrai
      • Massbrain
  • Form Used:
    • Vulcan
      • Lone Wolf
    • Valkyrie
      • Justice Serval


The film's theme song is Frontier, performed by MONKEY MAJIK.



  • The film held an early premiere screening with a cast member Q&A on August 12, 2021, and was theatrically released on August 27, 2021.

Home Media

  • The film will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray on November 10, 2021, which will include the DX Dire Wolf and DX Serval Tiger Zetsumerisekeys used in the film.


MetsubouJinrai spelling error

  • In the scene where MetsubouJinrai repairs itself, its name is erroneously displayed as Kamen RiderMetsuboujinrai.
  • When Fuwa swipes the Dire Wolf Zetsumerise Key over the Zero One Driver's Authoriser, the Authoriser does not light up.


  • Moviegoers in Japan received ticket vouchers with Vulcan's name being misspelled as Kamen Rider Baruka (仮面ライダーバルカ).[3]
  • At the finale of the movie, Isamu Fuwa seemingly perishes after the final battle against Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai. However, during the credits, Fuwa appears along with Horobi, Naki, Jin, and Ikazuchi after Yua Yaiba's conference. While the members of MetsubouJinrai simply fade away, Fuwa uniquely fades into the light instead. This leaves Fuwa's fate somewhat ambiguous and up to audience interpretation.

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