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Zecters (ゼクター Zekutā), also known as the Masked Rider System (マスクドライダーシステム Masukudo Raidā Shisutemu), are a compilation of mobile systems that affect space and time. They were created by the Natives, a species of Worm that arrived on Earth 35 years ago. These Natives in turn gave the Zecters to humans so that they may protect them from alien Worms that would arrive later. The Zecters appear instantaneously from the ZECT headquarters to the selected personnel so that they may transform into the respective Rider to fight any Worms in the vicinity. Each Rider (except for the Hopper Riders and the Kabutick Riders) possesses two forms: the bulky armored cocoon-like Masked Form (マスクドフォーム Masukudo Fōmu) and the sleeker Rider Form (ライダーフォーム Raidā Fōmu) which can use the Clock Up (クロックアップ Kurokku Appu), a system that allows the Rider to move at high speed. They also have the ZECTroopers to help them. A user is able to freely switch between forms, to Rider Form using Cast Off (キャストオフ Kyasuto Ofu) and to Masked Form using Put On (プトオン Puuto Onu) Worth noting is the Zecters have a mind of their own and can reject their present user in search of another one if they so choose.

As Kamen Rider Kabuto was the 35th anniversary of the Kamen Rider Series, Masked Rider Project as mentioned in the course of the series was said to be started on 3 April 1971. The Worm species known as Natives also first arrived on Earth on the same year. In real-life, it was the date that the first episode of Kamen Rider, the original series, was first broadcast.

In the Hyper Battle DVD, the Kabuto and Gattack Zecters explain that they and the other Zecters choose their users based on certain personality traits:

  • The Gattack Zecter seeks out someone with a straightforward attitude and righteous heart.
  • The TheBee Zecter seeks out someone willing to swear their undying loyalty to another party.
  • The Drake Zecter seeks out someone who desires freedom.
  • The Sasword Zecter seeks out someone who desires to be the best at everything.
  • The Hopper Zecters seek out those who want to live in a hellish world.

However, the above list has since been contradicted due to the series later revealing that Souji Tendo and Arata Kagami were specifically chosen as the users of the Kabuto and Gattack Zecters during the Masked Rider project's development. In addition, the Kabuto Zecter sought out Arata in 2019, further contradicting the idea that it only chooses users based on the values it initially found in Souji.

List of Zecters

There are twelve known Zecters within the Masked Rider System, each allowing the user to become a different Rider. The majority are based on insects, with the sole exception being the Sasword Zecter, which is a scorpion, an arachnid.

There also exist two other Zecters known as the Perfect Zecter and the Hyper Zecter. The Perfect Zecter serves as a primary weapon while the Hyper Zecter is a power-up device that enhances the powers of the original Zecter. Both were only used by Kabuto in the series, but Gatack got to use the Hyper Zecter in the Hyper Battle DVD.



The voice of the Zecters was provided by Surage Gajria (スラージ・ガジリア Surāji Gajiria). When given personalities in Kamen Rider Kabuto: Birth! Gatack Hyper Form!!, the Kabuto Zecter and Gatack Zecter were voiced by Tomokazu Seki (関 智一 Seki Tomokazu) and Kōji Yusa (遊佐 浩二 Yusa Kōji) respectively.

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