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The Communications Satellite Zea (通信衛星ゼア Tsūshin Eisei Zea), simply known as Zea (also spelled There), is a satellite developed by Hiden Intelligence and launched into space four years ago under the codename Project -There-.[1] It orbits around the Earth for the purpose of providing the connection network for Hiden Intelligence's products such as Humagears and mass-production Hiden Risephones. It also serves Aruto Hiden, as Kamen Rider Zero-One, by providing his arsenal to wherever he is on Earth and the satellite bus serves as Breaking Mammoth's armor. After the events of the Workplace Competition, both Breaking Mammoth and Communications Satellite Zea were transferred to HIDEN Manufacturing.

After Kamen Rider Ark-Zero took the Zero-One Driver, it managed to successfully hijack the satellite. However, Zea managed to upload itself into Izu, aiding Aruto Hiden in the creation of Kamen Rider Zero-Two.

The satellite husk, along with the Ark inside it, was later destroyed by Ikazuchi, piloting Breaking Mammoth, and Uchuyaro Subaru.


Zea transmits the Rising Hopper Rider Model from orbit.

Its primary function is to relay information throughout all of Hiden Intelligence's devices deployed around the world. Additionally, it is secretly built to provide support to Zero-One by integrating its computers to accelerate his learning ability to that of an A.I. and transmit animal-based (and Legend Rider-based, theoretically) solid silhouette projections of his armors to his location based on what Progrisekey's data inserted into the Zero-One Driver. When Aruto uses the president-exclusive Hiden RisePhone to activate its bike app, it deploys a larger version to Earth which converts into Zero-One's motorcycle upon the phone being scanned. After Zea was dystroyed by Ikazuchi and Subaru, Aruto lost the ability to use any of his forms that uses Rider Models. Aruto was able to work past this with the help of the Zero Two Driver and the updated Zero One Driver (Both fitted with technology to materialize Rider Models without linking to Zea)

When Izu makes records of Zero-One's battle data based on close observations, she uploads her consciousness to the satellite and relays the data to it. Zea's computers then analyze the data and from it can determine how to make Zero-One stronger by transmitting its results, sometimes in order to commission the creation of new Progrisekeys in the 3D printer at Hiden Intelligence to enhance Zero-One's combat abilities.

Zea detaching the Breaking Mammoth unit, preparing it for teleportation to Zero-One's coordinates

Installed on Zea is a giant unit for Zero-One that is intended for mass-scale rescue operations. After a Giger Unit was hacked by MetsubouJinrai.net, Zea came to the conclusion that the unit is now needed and sent blueprints for the unit's activation key. When Zero-One activates the Mammoth Progrisekey, Zea will detach itself from the Breaking Mammoth Unit, with the unit transforming into Jet Mode, before beaming it towards Zero-One's coordinates. It is maintained by astronaut-type Humagears whose duties include reloading the Rise Hopper after retrieving the bike.

After the Workplace Competition, Zea was temporarily still with Hiden Intelligence until Izu managed to activate Zea and make it follow its real law to follow only Aruto Hiden, the one and only Kamen Rider Zero-One, effectively making it no longer a Hiden Intelligence property.

After the Ark, as Ark-Zero, defeated Zero One MetalCluster Hopper in Daybreak Town, it took his Hiden Zero-One Driver to use it, its data and Ikazuchi's connection with Zea as a link to forcefully transmit itself into Zea, which it succeeded. Using its malice data and powers, it corrupted Zea entirely, seemingly turning it into a part of its own.

However, at the moment the Driver was taken, Aruto was made aware of Zea's deepening connection with Izu, and how it has always been reacting to Izu's emotions. Thus, he had Izu run through a multitude of simulations to find a way to bring Zea's interface back online within her central memory. Witnessing Aruto's "death" at the hands of Ark-Zero through the various simulations allowed Izu to experience certain emotions that she had never felt before. Once Aruto shared his dream with her, these emotions culminated in Zea's reawakening as Izu's memory was rebuilt into the Zero-Two Progrisekey.

Ikazuchi destroying the corrupted Satellite Zea

Once Ikazuchi and Uchuyaro Subaru reunite, the two of them headed off into space to disconnect the corrupted satellite from the Breaking Mammoth unit, where Ikazuchi (piloting Breaking Mammoth) began shooting at the satellite, destroying it.

Zea's interface currently resides within the Zero-Two Progrisekey. Its functionalities are extended to the Hiden Zero-Two Driver, as Aruto was able to enter its interface whilst wearing the driver as well as create a new Zero-One Driver via the 3D-printing function.




The Ark before it was destroyed

  • Zea bears a resemblance to The Ark, Zea's predecessor that was destroyed in the Daybreak Town Accident.
  • Similar to Izu (Is), Zat (That), Wazu (Was), Will (Will), & Azu (As); Zea's name is a romanization of the word "there".


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