This article is about a/an spin-off media story in the film Kamen Rider ZO.

ZO vs. J is the Kamen Rider ZO Edition, later Kamen Rider ZO & J Edition, of S.I.C. Hero Saga, for Kamen Rider ZO, published in Monthly Hobby Japan magazine in its February to May 2005 issues. It featured a crossover with Kamen Rider J. In the story, the Neo Organism Doras gains the powers of the Fog Mother. It introduces the original characters Red Doras Ver. 2 (赤ドラスver.2 Aka Dorasu ver.2), Doras Ultimate Form (ドラス究極形態 Dorasu Kyūkyokukeitai), and Fog Doras (フォッグ・ドラス Foggu Dorasu).

Chapter titles
  1. Doras (ドラス Dorasu)
  2. Music Box (オルゴール Orugōru)
  3. Earth Spirit (地空人 Chikūjin)
  4. Fog (フォッグ Foggu)
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