This article is about a/an weapon and transformation device in Kamen Rider Kabuto.

"Clock Up!"
―Clock Up Pad activation announcement[src]

"Clock Over!"
―Clock Up Pad activation announcement[src]

―Transformation announcement for KickHopper & PunchHopper[src]

"Change KickHopper!"
―Transformation completion announcement for KickHopper[src]

"Change PunchHopper!"
―Transformation completion announcement for PunchHopper[src]

"Rider Jump!"
―Jumping announcement[src]

"Rider Kick!"
―Finishing announcement for KickHopper[src]

"Rider Punch!"
―Finishing announcement for PunchHopper[src]

The ZECT Buckle (ゼクトバックル Zekuto Bakkuru) is an additional buckle device which act as a Clock-Up device for the Riders who did not transform with Rider Belt outside their Masked Forms, and as an exclusive transformation belt for Hopper-motif ZECT Riders.


Originally, the ZECT Buckles are mostly shown when the Riders transformed into their Rider forms and use it as for Clock Up Mode outside Masked Forms, by touching the buckle and slip the finger while pressing the button on the belt-strap's end of the right side at the top called Trace Switch (トレーススイッチ Tōresu Suitchi).[1]

However as for Hopper-motif ZECT Riders while in their civilian forms, much like Rider Belt, ZECT Buckle suddenly appears when users want to transform, meaning the mounting process is unknown. When pressing the Trace Switch and installed the Hopper Zecter into the belt, users will transform into their respective Kamen Rider Hopper forms, either KickHopper or PunchHopper.

In God Speed Love, Caucasus' ZECT Buckle is very unique unlike the rest of the ZECT Buckle user Riders, which has the side pads based on Rider Belt. As Caucasus was the first user of the Hyper Zecter, he was never shown used the original Clock Up while without the Hyper Zecter.



  • In the live-action series, the Hopper-motif ZECT Riders, including Hercus were never shown using Clock Up Mode, unlike in Kamen Rider video game series.