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ZAIA Spec (Thinknet)

The ZAIA Spec (ザイアスペック Zaia Supekku) is an eyeglass attachment with an A.I. interface developed by ZAIA Enterprise. It is meant to enhance the human brain to allow it to run at the same speed as supercomputers.

However, users of ZAIA Spec can have their emotions manipulated by the Raidriser, which they then use to transform into Raiders. Another defect is the user can also be influenced by Ark when the Spec is hacked.

Thinknet have their own version of the ZAIA Spec, which they created after Makio Nodachi gave them the designs for the ZAIA Spec. They use this in order to connect with Thinknet's server and control their avatars.



Workplace Competition

Gai Amatsu created the ZAIA Spec with the intended purpose to help people process at the speed of an A.I. The other purpose of the device is to replace the need of a Humagear by allowing a human to be just as efficient as one. To make sure the ZAIA Spec could live up to its purpose, Gai gave every chosen competitor representing him to be used as proof of its abilities.

Hiden Manufacturing

After Gai Amatsu had won the competition, he announced the complete shutdown and destruction of Humagears. For those who gave him their Humagear, he would give the customer a complimentary ZAIA Spec. The ZAIA Specs were also given to A.I.M.S troops for aiding them in destroying/shutting down Humagears.

Unfortunately, a defect wasn't foreseen by Gai until soon afterward; Naki had been revived by Yua as a favor from Jin after Yua's resignation. The ZAIA Spec were hacked by Naki leading humans who wore them to behave similar to the Magia.

Thinknet Crisis

After Thinknet deploys its nanomachines across the world, resulting in everyone who breathes it in being digitized, Gai Amatsu has Izu and Shesta deliver upgraded ZAIA Specs to Isamu Fuwa and Yua Yaiba. This version uses a green contact lense in place of a pair of glasses and projects a digital readout in front of the user's eye. It also provides the protection of a gas mask, making its users immune to the nanomachines.


  • The concept of the ZAIA Spec is similar to that of Google Glass, a brand of smart glasses developed by Google, which ceased prototype production in 2015 and began producing its "enterprise edition" for companies in 2017.
  • The ZAIA Specs are similar to that of the Deep Connect's Demia from Kamen Rider Ghost, with both being special eyewear infused with technology and can be manipulated by their series' respective antagonists for their own goals, like taking over their users' minds. However, Demia is a set digital contact lenses instead of attachment on eyeglasses.
  • The interior of the Ark-One Progrisekey has a device similar to the ZAIA Spec named the Ark Spec.
    • This design choice was likely made in connection to a now-scrapped plotline due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as Aruto Hiden was not originally planned to be Ark-One.


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