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―Activation announcement[src]

"Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider."
―Transformation standby announcement[src]

"Slashrise! (Progrisekey's transformation announcement)!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Inferno Wing! Burning Rain!"
―Dagger mode finisher announcement with the Burning Falcon Progrisekey[src]

"Inferno Wing! Burning Rain Rush!"
―Belt mode finisher announcement with the Burning Falcon Progrisekey[src]

"(Progrisekey ability)! (Progrisekey prefix) Blast!"
―Dagger mode finisher announcement with other Progrisekeys[src]

"(Progrisekey ability)! (Progrisekey prefix) Blast Rush!"
―Belt mode finisher announcement with other Progrisekeys[src]

The Transformation Belt ZAIA Slashriser (変身ベルト ザイアスラッシュライザー Henshin Beruto Zaia Surasshuraizā), or simply the Slashriser, is the transformation device and personal weapon of Kamen Rider Jin Burning Falcon. It was manufactured by ZAIA Enterprise. Williamson Yotagaki then gives it to Jin sometime after he rebuilds him.


The ZAIA Slashriser is composed of the following parts:

  • Rise Slot (ライズスロット Raizu Surotto) - A slot intended to insert Progrisekeys into. Once the Progrisekey is inserted into the internal Rise Port (ライズポート Raizu Pōto) within the Rise Slot, the ZAIA Slashriser will begin learning the inserted Key's abilities.
  • Burnriser (バーンライザー Bānraizā) - An authentication device built into the ZAIA Slashriser. It authenticates Progrisekeys. If there are no abnormalities when transforming, the Burnriser will issue a temporary unlock code to unlock the Progrisekey and allow authentication, and thus transformation. The Burnriser can read a Progrisekey's status even without contact. However, this process cannot be performed if restrictions are placed on the Progrisekey.
  • Move Dister (ムーブディスター Mūbu Disutā) - A small grey button located on top of the ZAIA Slashriser. It is used to disconnect Progrisekeys. When pushed, the Progrise key's connection is released, allowing one to remove it.
  • Rise Loader (ライズローダー Raizu Rōdā) - A device used to read Progrisekeys. It reads the inserted Key's Rider Model (the Key's graphic of an animal skeleton), sends data to the Rider's bodysuit (to allow form changes and one to turn into different Kamen Riders) and then sends the enhanced data into the Fact Grip.
  • Fact Grip (ファクトグリップ Fakuto Gurippu) - The grip. Inside it is a high-speed molding machine that molds various equipment based on data sent from the Rise Loader. This will be supplied to the Slash Equipper along with the data for the enhanced armor for the Higher Base Actor (ハイアーベースアクター Haiā Bēsu Akutā) suit. Additionally, the Fact Grip acts as a relay that sends information and combat data to the user.
  • Slashrise Trigger (スラッシュライズトリガー Surasshu Raizu Torigā) - The trigger. It is used for initiating transformation, as well as operating the Slashriser as a sword for normal attacks and finishers.
  • Slash Equipper (スラッシュエクイッパー Surasshu Ekuippā) - The ZAIA Slashriser's irradiation molding machine. Located at the base of the Rise Slasher blade. When the Riser is used as a transformation item, the Slash Equipper supports the user's transformation through the use of irradiation with a modeling beam. After transformation, it sends all information and combat data acquired into the user's suit via the Fact Grip.
  • Rise Slasher (ライズスラッシャー Raizu Surasshā) - The blade. It is coated with a blend of two alloys: the Photon S Coat (フォトンSコート Foton S Kōto) photon coating, and the Feather Resinium (フェザーレジニウム Fezā Rejiniumu), which reduces friction to the blade as well as grating it heat resistance and allowing it to slice through anything. This mechanism has an effective range that is nearly three times that of the blade, making it possible to adopt a dagger type that is easy to carry and manage. In addition, it is possible to increase the sharpness dramatically by layering the fire created by Jin Burning Falcon.
  • S-CON Band (S-CONバンド S-Kon Bando) - The belt strap. It is a flexible band that wraps around the user's waist, and is separate from the ZAIA Slashriser. It is made of the soft and highly flexible Flexdown (フレックスダウン Furekkusudaun), and its durability is raised by applying a special tough resistance laminate.



The user first activates a Progrisekey before inserting it into the Slashriser's Rise Slot and then opening it. The user then pulls the trigger to initiate transformation, materializing the Progrisekey's Rider Model, which envelops the user and forms the armor around them.


Main article: Finisher (Zero-One)

To activate a finisher, the user pushes the Rise Starter on the inserted Progrisekey before pulling the trigger. Depending on if the Slashriser is being used as a dagger or a belt, it has a different finisher.

Behind The Scenes

The ZAIA Slashriser is voiced by both Maynard Plant and Blaise Plant, brothers who are both members of the band Monkey Majik.


  • The Slashriser is a retooled version of the A.I.M.S. Shotriser.
    • The Slashriser's looping transformation standby sound also shares the same voice clip as the A.I.M.S. Shotriser, but with a different background music.
    • in the DX toy using any other Progrisekey (that is not Burning Falcon or Crowding Hopper), the Slashriser will instead use the standby of the A.I.M.S. Shotriser, alongside the Blast voice line.
    • Likewise, by using the Burning Falcon Progrisekey on the A.I.M.S. Shotriser's Belt mode, it will announce Burning Rain Fever along with its own standby sounds.
  • The Slashriser is the second transformation gear to be a bladed weapon, with the first being Sasword Yaiver.
    • While both transformation gears require something docked into it to transform or use finishers, the Slashriser is used to start both, as the Sasword Yaiver required the Sasword Zecter.
  • Unique among the Risers and Drivers, the armor design produced by the Slashriser appears as a mix of the Shotriser-based armor's base layer, and the Zero-One Driver's armor plates.



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