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Yusuke Godai (五代 雄介 Godai Yusuke) is the Kamen Rider Kuuga in Kamen Rider Kuuga manga from another reality.


Kamen Rider Kuuga (Manga)

In the Manga, Yusuke is happy go lucky and honest man, (similar to his TV counterpart). He later appeared in the farm, helping his sister, Minori Godai (2015 manga) helping her horse giving birth. By letting her bite his arm. After the events transpired, he later found a thief running away from Kaoru Ichijo (2015 manga) which he help the criminal. By accidentally bumped to Ichijo.

Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer

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OQ Manga Kuuga.png

The manga iteration of Kuuga appeared from abandoned manga with his bike and defeated the multiple Kasshines with his Mighty Kick.


Growing Form

2015 Godai Growing.jpg
Growing Form is Kuuga's weakest form. Like it's TV counterpart.

Mighty Form

2015 Godai Mighty.jpg
Mighty Form is Kuuga's base form.

Pegasus Form

2015 Godai Pegasus.jpg
Pegasus Form is Kuuga's secondary Form. Despite Dragon form being Kuuga's Secondary Form. Pegasus increases Kuuga's sense about several thousand times than ordinary human being.

Titan Form

2015 Godai Titan.jpg
Titan Form is Kuuga's Third Form. It boosts Kuuga's strength and power. And added extra armor for protection.

Rising Mighty

Manga Kuuga Rising Mighty.jpg
Rising Mighty Form, is Kuuga's power up form. It inceases the Mighty form's abilities and giving Kuuga an increase Power, capable to nuke a city.


  • Currently, this version of Godai doesn't appear to have access to Kuuga's Dragon Form.
  • This version of Godai has 2015 skills. Which the story takes place at 2015.
  • He is the only manga-exclusive Rider to appear by an "animation" in the physical world in any crossover in movies (in this case, Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer).

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