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Yuri Banjo (万丈優里 Banjyō Yūri) was a security guard working for Namba Heavy Industries Ltd.. She is the late mother of Ryuga Banjo.

Character History

23 years ago, both Yuri and her husband were security guards for the Synthetic Sciences division of Namba Heavy Industries. As the first unmanned space probe of Japan recently landed back on Earth, Yuri was in charge of security then. However she lost consciousness near it and was taken to the hospital, where it was discovered she was a month pregnant. Another month later, she gave birth to Ryuga Banjo, who had perfect health, feat deemed impossible.

Later in Ryuga's childhood, Yuri and her husband were killed by Evolto, who did it for the sake of raising Ryuga's Hazard Level. On paper, it was reported they passed away in an accident.

Sawa Takigawa would later dig up her information and share it with Misora Isurugi, who would then share it with Sento Kiryu and reveal it to Ryuga Banjo himself.

Behind the Scenes


Yuri Banjo is portrayed by Sakiko Hari (羽里早紀子 Hari Sakiko)



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