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Yukina Tsugami (津上 雪菜 Tsugami Yukina) is a support character in the 2015 Kamen Rider Kuuga manga series set in the alternate reality World of Kuuga. She is an alternate reality version of Yukina Sawaki and sister of Shoichi Tsugami.


A victim of framing, Yukina was a murder suspect held in police custody until she was abducted by the Gurongi. This was the first instance where her dormant powers awoken. She ultimately falls under the control of the Rose Gurongi who used her as a weapon against Kuuga using a special plant embedded inside her brain.


Ground Form

Ground Form

Yukina Agito mouth

Agito's mouth opens.

The Ground Form (グランドフォーム Gurando Fōmu) is Yukina's only transformation. The full scope of her capabilities are unknown, but, as an Agito, she displays similar inherent superhuman abilities.

When she reaches full power, the mouth mask opens in preparation for her Rider finisher.



  • Different from the TV series, Yukina Agito's mouth opens instead of her Crest Horns during her Rider Finish.
  • Before her introduction in Volume 3 of the manga, Yukina was rumored to retain her original TV series name and also married.
  • Her Kamen Rider form shares a similar feminine physique like that of the Super Imaginative Chogokin "Yukina Agito" figure found in the S.I.C. Vol.19 Masked Rider Agito toy set.

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