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Yukina Takamura (高村 優希奈 Takamura Yukina) is a third-year student who is in the same class as Gentaro, Yuki, Kengo, and Ryusei. Having watched Gentaro for quite some time to know that he is Kamen Rider Fourze, she genuinely feels sorry for him, believing that all of the fighting he is doing is taking away from his chance to live a normal life as a teenager. It is not made clear however, if she actually has feelings for Gentaro, or just wants like Gentaro to be happy and normal as a friend. Accompanying them on the class trip to Kyoto, Yukina overzealously does everything to become Gentaro's girlfriend to ensure Gentaro is having a good time, while holding Yuki's Hayabusa plush doll hostage to force her to cooperate. After Gentaro reveals his identity as Kamen Rider Fourze to her, she reveals that she had known the fact that he is a Kamen Rider all along and attempts to convince him to quit by stealing the Fourze Driver, but she is persuaded afterwards by both Gentaro and Yuki to return the Driver, when the Libra Zodiarts attacks the last altar keeping The Hole above Kyoto from collapsing. She comes to understand that to Gentaro, going lengths to help any friend in trouble is completely normal, with or without Kamen Rider Fourze's powers. In exchange for returning the Fourze Driver, she asks that they take a picture with their most beautiful smiles together before they go back to school.


Behind the scenes


Yukina Takamura is portrayed by Mika Akizuki (秋月 三佳 Akizuki Mika).

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