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Yukina Sawaki (沢木 雪菜 Sawaki Yukina) was a young psychic woman who became the very first Agito (アギト Agito). She was the sister of Tetsuya Sawaki, who would become the second Agito and take on the name of Shoichi Tsugami, a name formerly used by her boyfriend now known as Tetsuya Sawaki.


She was involved in a paranormal research project conducted by Professor Kazaya at Jyohyoku University. These experiments severely traumatized her, unable to control her ability of Agito, she killed Kazaya unconsciously. This drove her insane and she committed suicide, although her boyfriend Shouichi tried to save her, he eventually agreed with Yukina, to let her die in peace. She left behind her younger brother Tetsuya, who would later become the next Agito.


Ground Form


Ground Form


Ground Form

Ground Form (グランドフォーム Gurando Fōmu) is Agito's standard form and the typical form of an Agito. Unarmed in this form, Agito uses crushing blows and physical techniques to fight his opponents. Ground Form is the most balanced of Agito's forms

However, as Yukina was turning into an Agito, she lost control of her powers and committed suicide. Had she lived, it is assumed she would have developed the same abilities as her brother.

Appearances: Agito Episode 44

Behind the Scenes


Yukina Sawaki was portrayed by Ayumi Kasama (笠間 あゆみ Kasama Ayumi).




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