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Yukimi Igarashi (五十嵐 幸実, Igarashi Yukimi) is the mother of Igarashi siblings, and the wife of Genta Igarashi.


Yukimi Igarashi is the wife of Genta Igarashi and the mother of Ikki, Daiji, and Sakura. She tended the family bathhouse, Happy Spa, and wrapped her family with deep affection, watching over her children with a strict and gentle care.

While attending Daiji's appointment ceremony at Fenix with his family, the event is sabotaged by the Deadmans. The Mammoth Deadman rams into Yukimi and injures her. While Ikki used the Rex Vistamp to summon Vice into a physical form to protect her, this backfired after the inner demon tried to eat her. Her son used the Revice Driver in the nick of time to seal Vice and keep him away from her. She then witnessed Ikki becoming Kamen Rider Revi for the first time.

Yukimi was later brought to the hospital and is seen recovering in the bed with bandages. While she is kept there for the week, Ikki promises to take care of the bathhouse while she recovers. Her children often visit her and often relay their personal concerns, with Yukimi often telling them advice and encourages them to do their best. After a few days, she had fully recovered and was released from the hospital.

To celebrate this occasion, the Igarashi family went out to vacation trip to a luxury ryokan. Although she was pampered by Genta and their children, their happiness was cut short when it was revealed Daiji is possessed by his inner demon Kagero. Despite this, Yukimi is the only one of her family to be in a positive mood despite what happened earlier, wanting her family to keep the bathhouse going so Daiji can have a home to return to.

With both her sons becoming Kamen Riders, this caused Sakura to feel excluded. After she returned injured after a scuffle against the Deadmans, Yukimi scolded her daughter for her recklessness causing a minor strain in their relationship. After Sakura became Kamen Rider Jeanne and put in active duty with Fenix, Yukimi has shown concern of the possible danger her daughter is put into and tried to take her Driver to no avail. After Hiromi Kadota talked with her, Yukimi decided to rather trust her three children to continue protect the world together.


With a strong balance of warm love and tough love, Yukimi acts the foundation to her family. She is hard-working and takes pride in the family bathhouse, believing that no matter what happens, a person can “revive and rejuvenate in a hot bath”. Due to her work ethic, she dislikes her family slacking off.

While she seems to have little problem with Ikki and Daiji becoming Kamen Riders (even encouraging Ikki in his initial hesitance), she is opposed to Sakura's participation as one, even attempting to take her Driver, suggesting a level of overprotectiveness.


Behind the Scenes


  • Yukimi Igarashi is portrayed by Kurara Emi (映美 くらら, Emi Kurara).


Like the rest of her family, the Igarashi surname contains the kanji for "fifty" (五十嵐), which is likely a nod to Revice commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Kamen Rider franchise.


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