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Yukihiro Osumi (大澄ユキヒロ Ōsumi Yukihiro) is a young man who loved his girlfriend Sayuri Endo until her last days of life. Takuya Endo, Sayuri's brother held a grudge for Yukihiro for thinking he is guilty of the death of his sister.

Character History

Yukihiro is first seen at a graveyard, where he meets with Takuya. Takuya confronts him, saying he is guilty of the death of his sister, eventually told Yukihiro to never come back. After this, Yukihiro sees Takuya transform into Another Den-O by Ora. Then a Mole Imagin forms a contract with Yukihiro and his wish is to save Takuya. Yukihiro sees Takuya steal the DenLiner, which the Mole Imagin says the contract is complete and flies to 2017. In 2017, Takuya sees Yukihiro takes Sayuri out of the hospital. The reason Yukihiro took Sayuri out of the hospital was to accomplish her last wish. After the battle against Sougo Tokiwa, Takuya sees Yukihiro and Sayuri together. Sayuri tells Takuya to not blame Yukihiro for what happened. Listening to his sister's words, Takuya finally sees Yukihiro's true feeling for his sister, so he thanks him.

2019: Operation Woz

Yukihiro was at Sayuri's grave when he was captured by Swartz and taken to Another World, where he finds Sayuri alive. Swartz then summoned a Shiro from Another World to fight Zi-O. After Katsumi Daido destroyed the Another Worlds, he and the other kidnapped victims were rescued. 

Behind the Scenes


Yukihiro Osumi is portrayed by Norihiro Shige (重徳宏 Shige Norihiro).


  • Although Shiro was summoned by sending Yukihiro Osumi to the Another World, Yukihiro does share a couple things in common with Shiro and that is both having deceased girlfriends and an internal desire to see their loved ones once more.
    • Interestingly, Yuuki Hijack is a Den-O Rider and Yukihiro first appeared in Zi-O's Den-O tribute.


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