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Yuki Ochi (越智友己 Ochi Yūki), or Yuuki Ochi[1], is a Japanese actor who protrayed Nariaki Utsumi/Kamen Rider MadRogue in Kamen Rider Build.


Personal Life

  • He has a nickname, Ochi (おっちー)
  • He likes Disney, and stated his favorite character in the franchise is Pluto.
  • His hobbies include cooking and reading manga.
  • When he was in middle school, he played for his soccer team for three years. He also played basketball as well.
  • He is a fan of the Tales video game series.
  • He formed a sweets department with a fellow cast member of the Tokyo One Piece Tower Live attraction that appeared in March 2015 from April 2016 and he was the director.
  • Ochi is very sensitive to heat, thus he does not like summer.
  • During the Build press conference, he stated that his favorite Rider growing up was Kabuto, particularly because he liked the way Kabuto performed his Rider Kick. Ochi can also execute the Rider Kick perfectly, as he was asked to do so on stage during the press conference.


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