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Yukari Karasawa (唐沢 ゆかり Karasawa Yukari) is a high school student. 12 years ago, when she was still a young girl, she was one of the witnesses to a bank robbery incident. Eisuke Tomari protected her from getting shot by one of the robbers, but this ended up in him getting killed by his colleague instead.

12 years later, Itsuro Negishi formed a pact with the Open Roidmude to eliminate all those related to the bank robbery incident, including Yukari herself. She was protected by Drive from the Open Roidmude, who was later defeated. As she was the only one related to the incident whose memories were not altered, she was able to remember that Roidmude 001 was present at the bank as well.

As the truth of the bank robbery incident began to come to light, she became a target of the Thief Roidmude, and later succumbed to Thief's poison as she learned of the siege at Kuruma Driving License Center. She was later cured of Thief's poison by Tenjuro Banno, and arrived at Nira's and Sou Noumi's press conference to bring the truth to light.

Behind the scenes


Yukari Karasawa is portrayed by Coco Koizumi (小泉 ここ Koizumi Koko). As a child, Yukari is portrayed by Sara Naito (内藤 咲愛 Naitō Sara).


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