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Yuichi Kitamura (北村 雄一 Kitamura Yūichi) is a former high school friend of Eiji's who became rich through an Internet venture. He regards Eiji as his best friend, though it took Eiji some reminding before he could recall who Kitamura was.

Kitamura hatches a plan to make Eiji "need" him by inviting him and his friends to his new amusement park, yet to open. Once there, he kidnaps Hina rendering her unconscious and moving her to a secret location. The young, lost Ankh sees this as an opportunity and makes Kitamura the inspiration and source for the Fukurō Yummy. The Yummy makes quick work of Ankh, but not before Ankh confronts Kitamura, recognizing his desire and a tinge of psychosis.

When Hina is freed, Kitamura is shocked to find Ankh freed as well. Kitamura explains how Eiji was his only friend and that he somehow needed to make him need him as Kitamura needed Eiji back then. Ankh, however, "throws Kitamura under the bus" revealing that he kidnapped Hina. However, Eiji chooses to see the good in Kitamura and covers for him, saying he'd planned it with him as a prank, to Ankh's chagrin.

Kitamura realizes that Eiji has become Kamen Rider OOO and is now determined on finding the kidnapped Goto and Date. Kitamura helps him but at the same time grows increasingly worried that Eiji puts himself in the line of fire for his friends. While at first he believes that Eiji's friends are a bad influence and puts him in harms way, he later sees that in Eiji's fight against the Greeed, he has nothing to offer, when it is Ankh who steps in to prevent the Putotyra Combo from continuing to go berserk.

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