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Yui Mabuchi (馬渕 由衣 Mabuchi Yui) is a woman who is searching for Ryuga Banjo in Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z, after being transformed into Scissors Lost Smash (シザーズロストスマッシュ Shizāzu Rosuto Sumasshu) in the original World of Build.

Character History

World of Build

In the original World of Build, she was a kindergarten teacher who were survivors of the war. Nearby, they spotted Kamen Rider Cross-Z and begged him to help them, but he coldly disregarded them despite her pleads for help and continued fighting which led to the Guardians noticing them as well as capturing her and her students,leading to Faust forcing Yui into becoming the Scissors Lost Smash as a test subject. She was then chained and mercilessly beaten by the Guardians, who then after severing her connection to the Lost Bottle, watched as she spontaneously combusted into nothing.

New World

However the next thing she knew, she had awoken in the New World with no memory of her life, except one thing, Kamen Rider Cross-Z. As Killbus emerged from the Pandora Box and revived Evolto, her memory was returned, alongside all those who had been subjected to Faust’s Nebula Gas experiments. Because of that, Yui initially bore a great hatred for Ryuga and all the Kamen Riders (Team Build).

Despite hating them all, Yui followed him upon learning about how her memory had returned, especially since Ryuga felt responsible as in the past, Ryuga neglected to save Yui due to his disinclination to save random civilians like Build.

As time passed, she grew fond of Ryuga and also learned more from Misora and Sento. In the last battle against Killbus, Yui was told by Sento to give him Muscle Galaxy Fullbottle. As Ryuga failed to use it at first, Evolto pretended to betray them and choked Yui to provoke Ryuga into raising his Hazard Level.

After the battle had been finished, Yui bluntly kissed Ryuga on the cheek in front of Gentoku and Kazumi, much to their jealousy. The next day, she went on helping Ryuga sell toys (Sento’s invention for fun). Ryuga was disturbed by this and asking on why she didn’t do her teaching job, with her replying to him that it was Sunday.

Lost Smash

Scissors Lost Smash
SMASH-Scissors Lost Smash

Scissors Lost Smash

Scissors Lost Smash (シザーズロストスマッシュ Shizāzu Rosuto Sumasshu) fights using scissor-like blades. She can also create them to fire as projectiles or to use as a shield.


Behind the Scene


Yui Mabuchi is portrayed by Mariya Nagao (永尾まりや Nagao Mariya)



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