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Yugo Tachibana (橘 雄悟 Tachibana Yūgo) is the chief of international marketing for Nozama Pharmacy.

Character History

Five Years Later

Following the downfall of Nozama, Tachibana joined 4C, taking a leading role in the operation of the company.

During the commotion of Chihiro's rampage as Origin Neo, Tachibana rushed to the scene to find out what was going on. When he asked one of the 4C soldiers the situation, he ran away in horror instead of telling him anything. He then finally realized that Chihiro went berserk while in his Amazon Origin form. Before he could do anything, the tendrils from Origin Neo captured Tachibana and brought him in front of the monster.

Tachibana, with a painful plea, asked Chihiro to stop what he was doing, but it was no use. Instead of listening to him, Origin Neo used his tendrils to break Tachibana's body in half, seemingly killing the former. VANISHING WINGS

It is later revealed that Tachibana somehow miraculously survived the brutal attack from Chihiro, but his body has suffered from multiple fractures, as said by Fudamori. WAY TO NOWHERE

In a hospital and recovering on his patient bed, after knowing Iyu has escaped with Chihiro, he murmured her name and made the decision to dispose her, while being half conscious. XING THE RUBICON

On a electronic wheelchair, Tachibana came into his chief room with bandages all over his body where Fudamori was at. He ordered the substitute chief to do another thing for him. He voice activated the "YBR19 System" and asked Fudamori to press the Enter key on his keyboard, thus starting the system. When Fudamori asked about the system, he explained that its a system to dispose Iyu, which will slowly destroy her in 4 to 6 hours.

Afterwards, he retained his chief position and "fired" Fudamori as the substitute chief. YELLOW BRICK ROAD

In order to save Iyu's destruction from the YBR19 System, Chihiro takes Iyu along to the headquarters of 4C. With no mercy, he ordered the extermination squad to shoot at them. However, due to sympathy, the soldiers stopped shooting at them, giving Chihiro and Iyu another chance to escape. However, they were still found by Haruka and Jin, which both of them killed Chihiro in the process, with Iyu stopped functioning as well.

After Chihiro and Iyu were dead, Tachibana announced at his office that the events that happened five years ago are not done yet, and even mentions to start a brand new "Sigma Project". AMAZONZ (season 2)


Behind the Scenes


Yugo Tachibana is portrayed by Yu Kamio (神尾 佑 Kamio Yū), who previously portrayed Kiyoto Maki/Kyouryu Greeed in Kamen Rider OOO.



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