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Yu Kamio (神尾 佑 Kamio Yū) played Kiyoto Maki/Kyoryu Greeed in Kamen Rider OOO. He later played Yuki Jojima's father in Kamen Rider Fourze.

Yu Kamio in Battride War

Yu Kamio recording for Battride War.

He reprised Kyoryu Greeed in Kamen Rider Battride War.[1] In the 2015 series, Ultraman XIcon-crosswiki, Yu Kamio portrayed Shotaro KamikiIcon-crosswiki, the captain of Xio (Xeno Invasion Outcutters)Icon-crosswiki.

In 2016, he once again reprised the Kyoryu Greeed in the OOO Chapter of Kamen Rider Ghost: Legendary! Riders' Souls! as well as portraying Yugo Tachibana in Kamen Rider Amazons.


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