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The real life counterpart of Yu Kamimura (上村 優 Kamimura Yū) is a trans woman who is the Manager of Donut Shop Hungry who always tries to make new original doughnut styles, which draws Haruto Soma to the truck as a loyal customer though he prefers plain sugar doughnuts, much to her chagrin.

It is revealed in Movie War Ultimatum that her real name is Yu Kamimura, and that the Young Masked Belle Poitrine is her Underworld self. Her Underworld self in the movie was how she had looked like when she was younger.

World within the Magic Stone

In the World within the Magic Stone, Yu appears as an old woman who lives with an old man resembling Ryu. Haruto meets them when he arrives in the world. The Kamen Rider Rings

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Travelers Record

Tencho Travelers Senki

The Manager and Wizard in Kamen Rider Travelers Record.

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Behind the scenes


She is portrayed by Kaba-chan (KABA.ちゃん). Of the role, Kaba-chan stated that while she never really watched Kamen Rider as a child, she feels that she will form great memories as a member of the Kamen Rider Wizard cast. This role makes her the first LGBT cast member and regular character in the history of the Kamen Rider Series.[1] At the time of Wizard's production and airing, she had presented as a homosexual man (and her character was presumed to be the same), but she has since come out as a transgender woman. 


Fruits Doughnuts

Orange, Banana, Budou, and Melon Doughnuts


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