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Yoshinori Sonoda (園田 義則 Sonoda Yoshinori) is a scientist who was manipulated by the Denki Ganma as part of Chikara Saionji's agenda.

Character History

Denki Gamma Incident

Sonoda was approached by Mysterious Man and given a vial of blue liquid and a paper with eye symbol and claimed that those will help him realize his dream. Later on, he is seen inventing a machine with Denki Gamma aiding him by giving another clue to solve the problems. He was interrupted by the appearance of Takeru, Akira and Onari in his lab, fearing their intervention will interrupt his work and thus, "without 1% of inspiration, 99% of his hard work will be useless. His interest in Takeru was captured when the latter immediately recognize the phrase belonging to Edison, thus bringing him to see his collection of Edison, including one of the light bulbs which said man had once experimented with. As Sonoda shows Takeru and the others his soon-to-be-finished teleportation device, he was pushed away by the latter after spotting a Gamma leisurely watching them from above.

After Takeru's battle with the Gamma, he went missing from his lab. Later on, his current location is revealed by Onari, but too late to stop his invention from activating. To his surprise, the teleportation device turns out to be the Gamma Hole creator,eand fells into despair but after being reassured by Takeru, Sonoda successfully stops the device, something which he originally thought to be impossible. After Takeru defeated the Gamma, he was presented with Edison's Eyecon but decided to gives it back to him out of gratitude for the help. He revealed that mysterious man is the one that give him this idea when he is struggling with his invention to Takeru. Blitz! Inventor King!

Duel! Words from the Swordsman!

Behind the Scenes


Yoshinori Sonoda was portrayed by Torata Nanbu (南部 虎弾 Nanbu Torata) of Tokyo Shock Boys fame.


Yoshinori's family name, Sonoda, is one half of an in-joke. When combined with the given name of Mari Shirase, the "victim-of-the-week" from the episode following his, it makes Mari Sonoda, a character from Kamen Rider 555 whose child self was portrayed by Aoi Yuki, who voices Yurusen in Ghost.


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