This article is about a/an Orphnoch in Kamen Rider 555.

Yoshimasa Morishita (森下 義正), also known as the Armadillo Orphnoch (アルマジロオルフェノク Arumajiro Orufenoku) was the older brother of Chie Morishita, who Yuji Kiba had killed.


Morishita, intent on finding his sister's murderer pleaded Kiba to aid him, but Kiba refused out of regret. No sooner than that happened that Morishita was attacked by the Flyingfish Orphnoch and became a Sired Orphnoch.

Morishita was overcome by the powers he gained and went insane, going on a random killing spree after being offended by what others thought of his sister. Takumi Inui overcame his doubt in time and killed Morishita as Faiz with the Sparkle Cut.

He revived in Super Hero Taisen as a member of the Shocker-Zangyack Alliance. He was seen fighting Kamen Rider V3, Fourze and VulEagleIcon-crosswiki.

The Kamen Rider Rings It is destroyed alongside a Tortoise Undead and New Mole Imagin by Fourze's Gatling Module. Neverending Story

Powers and Abilities

  • Transformation to Orphnoch: As all his race, he can transform from human to Orphnoch.
  • Destroy hearts: As Orphnoch, he can used his tentacle or weapon for eliminated the hearts of the victims in burst of flames. 


Shield and Sword: His shield is used as defense and his sword as attack against his opponents.


The Armadillo Orphnoch's costume is a modified version of the Elephant Orphnoch and then modified into the Elephant Orphnoch again without modifying his body in OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders, then modified back again in Super Hero Taisen.[1] He is equipped with a broadsword and a shield.


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