This article is about a/an Makamou in Kamen Rider Hibiki.

The Yoroi Tsuchigumo (ヨロイツチグモ lit. "Armored Earth Spider") is an evolved Tsuchigumo made by the "Armored" Black Puppet Hime at Kayanoki, remaining underground for its armor to harden whiles its parents gathering food for it. The Yoroi Tsuchigumo emerged briefly to help its father escape the Oni.

Once fully matured, the Yoroi Tsuchigumo was about to take out Todoroki and Ibuki when Eiki came to their aid, the Makamou retreated only to be intercepted by Hibiki before it could kill Asumu. It overpowered Hibiki until he underwent Kurenai form, killing the monster with his Ongeki Finisher.

Douji and Hime


Yoroi Tsuchigumo's parent.

Douji and Hime of Yoroi Tsuchigumo: The last parent pair to be created. Because that were created by the armored Black Puppet Hime, they did not have the time limit and thus are the perfected version of Mushadouji and Yoroihime, armed with trident and sword respectively. After they defeated Eiki, they fought Ibuki and Todoroki. Though they had the upper hand at first, the Hime was restrained by Ibuki and left open to be destroyed by Todoroki's Ongeki Finisher. The Douji escaped, only to later fight the two Oni, before and after Eiki arrives to wound the Douji with his Ongekibou before Ibuki dealt the final blow with his Ongeki Finisher.


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