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Ygg Tower

Yggdrasill Tower.

Yggdrasill Tower (ユグドラシルタワー Yugudorashiru Tawā) was the Japanese headquarters of Yggdrasill Corporation in Zawame City, the most prominent feature of Zawame's cityscape.

The tower is shown to have an executive office and conference room on one of its higher floors and a basement laboratory where scientists and researchers study an artificially stabilized crack to Helheim Forest and conduct experiments on Lockseeds.

It is revealed that the tower is equipped with laser turrets for defense against any Inves attack that occurs near it as well as a shield for cloaking the surrounding airspace. The Truth Behind the Christmas Game However, this is just a minor counter, as revealed by Sid to Kouta, the ring around the tower is a scalar-electromagnetic weapon, which Yggdrasill would be willing to use to burn Zawame City to the ground with just a press of a button, as a final defense against the spread of Helheim's plants to save mankind itself. Yggdrasill's Secret

In the past, it was revealed that Yggdrasill Tower's spot was originally the location of Mai Takatsukasa's family shrine where she would pray at the sacred tree (which was actually a tree from Helheim) until said company had bought the land and used it's tree for the portal to Helheim.

After Redyue opened the crack, Yggdrasill Tower became a dilapidated ruin overrun by the plants of the Helheim Forest. The Strongest Power! Kiwami Arms This version of the tower was also seen in a possible futureTransform! The Orange from the Sky!?

Ygg's Tower is demolished

The tower being demolished.

Yggdrasill Tower can be seen being demolished, three months after the clearing of the Helheim invasion following the dissolution of Yggdrasill. Fate's Victor

Kamen Rider Zi-O

The tower, along with Futo Tower and other monsters from various worlds are seen as a cameo after the worlds of Kamen Rider began to merge in a single world. 2019: Vanishing Watches




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