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Yazawa (矢沢) is the human form of the Capricorn Undead (カプリコーンアンデッド Kapurikōn Andeddo), the Category Queen of Spades Undead.


A male Queen Undead who teamed up with Miyuki to get the Blay Buckle from Kazuma Kenzaki. Yazawa was first introduced when the Centipede Undead tried to attack him but failed. Yazawa then watched from his car of Kotaro leaving the Jacaranda Cafe, disappearing when Hajime sensed him.  He later introduced himself to Kenzaki, told him of how Miyuki was also an Undead like him, and fought him, claiming to him to be on a different level than most of the Undead the latter fought up until then, but Blade manages to wound him at his arm. Later walking under a tunnel, Yazawa became humiliated with how Kenzaki defeated him, then screaming and knocking down crates. Miyuki then appears before him with Yazawa complaining to her on why she didn't help him, even stating on how she's always making others do her dirty work. Miyuki then tells Yazawa of Kenzaki's weakness: Kotaro. Yazawa later appears before Kenzaki and Shiori at Kotaro's house in his car, explaining them the situation of Kotaro falling for their trap. Kenzaki later followed Yazawa to near the greenhouse. Yazawa later tells Kenzaki to surrender his belt, even furiously demanding when the Rider tried to transform and fight him at the risk of Kotaro's life, only agreeing to surrendering in an attempt to save his friend. Yazawa then attacks Kenzaki while he's then defenseless. This failed when Hajime interferes with the battle and "saves" Kotaro, who then throws Kenzaki's belt back as Kenzaki declared his actions to be unforgivable. Kenzaki then transforms into Blade and fights back, eventually sealing Yazawa. The Target is Kotaro Battles That Feel for Friends

Kamen Rider Decade

EdDWsw2UYAIekf .jpg

In the World of Blade, the Capricorn Undead aids the Paradoxa Undead until he is destroyed by Decade's Dimensional Kick. Welcome to the Blade Restaurant

Kamen Rider Wizard

The Capricorn Undead and Paradoxa Undead's fight Decade (as seen in Welcome to the Blade Restaurant) was shown in a recollection by Amadum as he explained the nature of his world as a paradise for monsters destroyed by the Kamen Riders. The Kamen Rider Rings


Yazawa acts suave and laid-back to Kenzaki in spite of his villainy, though he is certainly not above anger, such as when he felt humiliated from getting injured by Blade. He does have some contempt with Miyuki's cunning nature but nevertheless continued to help her on their their plan against Kenzaki.

Powers and Abilities

  • Biological Immortality: As an Undead, Yazawa can survive from most physical injuries, no matter how grave they may be.
  • Undead Tracking: As Undeads are attracted to each other by instinct.
  • Shouting: In battle, the Capricorn Undead possesses a high pitch scream which can obliterate anything.
  • Driving: Even as an Undead, Yazawa is shown to be capable of driving a car.


Capricorn Undead

Capricorn Undead

  • Height: 231 cm
  • Weight: 138 kg

Rouse Card

Capricorn Undead Rouse Card

  • Suit: Spade (♠)
  • Category: Queen (Q)
  • Effect name: ABSORB
  • Card name: Absorb Capricorn (アブソーブ・カプリコーン Abusōbu Kapurikōn)
  • Consumption points: EP +2000

Behind the scenes


Yazawa is portrayed by Atsushi Korechika (是近 敦之 Korechika Atsushi),as Capricorn Undead his voiced is played by Hiroyuki Fukuyama (福山 弘幸 Fukuyama Hiroyuki).

Concept Art


  • Yazawa is the only Category Queen Undead who is male.

Capricorn Undead (Unused) concept art.jpg

  • In Yasushi Nirasawa's concept art, Capricorn Undead was originally called Goat Undead.


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