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Yasushi Onodera (小野寺 靖 Onodera Yasushi) is a mailman who delivers the post to the Daitenku Temple. He delivered the package containing the Eyecon to Takeru Tenkuji, which would become his personal Ghost Eyecon following his death at the hands of the Gamma.

Character History

Yasushi was on his way to the Tenkuji Temple when he was halted by the Katana Gamma, who then proceeded to cut Yasushi's bike in half, making Yasushi having to carry his cut-up bike to the temple to deliver Takeru's package, an Eyecon from his late father Ryu, only to lead the Gamma right to the temple.

Mr. Onodera was seen again delivering a package to the Temple, telling Onari he saw a "crazy man" on a rooftop in the city that was about to commit suicide, only to be dragged along by Onari to where their client Kosuke was. Destiny! Reviving Melody!

Mr. Onodera then visits the Temple to deliver an envelope to Takeru and to pick up Onari's Christmas cards to deliver to the Mysterious Phenomenon Institute's clients. Imposing! A Man of Loyalty!

Mr. Onodera visits the temple on New Year's Day to take a photograph of Takeru and company dressed up for New Year's celebrations. Heroic! A Man's Resolve!

While enroute to delivering mail in the city, Mr. Onodera witnesses Alain with Kanon. He then arrives at Daitenku Temple to drop off a package and tells Takeru he saw them, asking Takeru if Kanon and the "man with the intense look in his eyes" were a couple, much to Takeru's horror. Reverse! Mysterious Science!

While on his city deliveries, Mr. Onodera ran into Takeru, who asked if he had seen Kanon. Yasushi said that he hadn't seen her on his route but he did see a "weird looking gas tank" and directs Takeru to where it is, which helped Takeru locate the Gazai Gamma. He later sees Kanon follow Alain into an abandoned warehouse and heads off to find Takeru. He finds Takeru and witnesses him trying to talk to the Gazai Gamma, but because he cannot see the specter, he thinks Takeru is talking to himself.  He then informs Takeru of Kanon's whereabouts. Explode! Flames of Friendship!

Ghost RE:BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter

Ghost RE:BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter

Behind the scenes


Yasushi Onodera is portrayed by Yasuomi Sano (佐野 泰臣 Sano Yasuomi).




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