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Yasuko Kobayashi (小林 靖子 Kobayashi Yasuko) is a Japanese anime and tokusatsu drama screenwriter who has been involved in various television shows throughout her career, beginning in 1993 with Tokusou Robo JanpersonIcon-crosswiki.

Writing credits

Since her debut writing credits in Janperson, Kobayashi has been the main writer on many anime and tokusatsu television series and films. She has also been a writer on individual episodes within other series. Her credits as head writer are listed below.

TV tokusatsu

An asterisk denotes head writer position


Net Series


  • Every Heisei Kamen Rider series where she is the head writer (Ryuki, Den-O, OOO) have similar elements:
    • The main character is a kind-hearted person with bad luck (Shinji Kido, Ryotaro Nogami, Eiji Hino).
    • The main Kamen Riders make a contract with/have a monster as their partner (Ryuki & Dragreder, Den-O & the Taros, OOO & Ankh).
    • The main character has a dark counterpart (Ryuki & Ryuga, Momotaros & Negataros, Ankh & Ankh (Lost)).
    • The main Kamen Rider's final form has never been used to defeat the final boss in the series; though in Ryuki's case, Shinji died before the final battle.

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