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Y's Tragedy/Brother & Sister (Yの悲劇/あにいもうと Uwai no Higeki/Ani Imōto) is the thirty-fourth episode of Kamen Rider W. It is the concluding part of the 'Y' arc, Y standing for Yesterday (Dopant) and Yukie (Sudo).


Shotaro fights to prevent Yukie from joining Museum for the sake of herself and of the memory of her deceased brother Kirihiko.


With Yuko Fuwa revealed to be both the Yesterday Dopant and Yukie Sudo, younger sister of Kirihiko Sonozaki, Shotaro is unable to harm her as she leaves. While thinking about the chain of events, though told by the others that he was used, Shotaro feels something is still not right as Yukie meets Saeko to get a place in the Museum. The next day, Yukie visits her old school where Shotaro waits for her, as he attempts to talk her out of joining Museum by revealing the circumstances behind Kirihiko's death from his perspective and how she is really a good person in her heart before she assumes her Dopant form.

Kamen Rider Double attempts to restrain the Yesterday Dopant before being forced to let her go in order to destroy the hourglass marks she sent off towards the city before they could harm anyone. Later, Yukie meets up with Saeko who accepts the former's offer before being marked by one of her hourglass marks. Though Yukie succeeds in getting close enough to get revenge on Saeko for her brother's death, Saeko predicted the events and assumes her Dopant form to transfer the brand to Yukie.

The next day, finding out what happened to Yukie, Double fights the Weather Dopant before Kamen Rider Accel arrives to hold Isaka off while Double assumes CycloneJokerXtreme to destroy the brand on Yukie before easily defeating the Weather Dopant to Accel's dismay. After Isaka escapes, Shotaro checks on Yukie before she loses all her memories of the previous days' events.

Gaia Memories

  • Memory Used:
    • Kamen Rider Double
      • Soul - Cyclone, Luna, Xtreme
      • Body - Joker, Trigger, Xtreme
    • Half Changes:
      • CycloneJoker, LunaJoker, LunaTrigger, CycloneJokerXtreme
    • Kamen Rider Accel
      • Accel
    • Forms:
      • Accel


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DVD releases

Kamen Rider W Vol 9

Kamen Rider W Volume 9, DVD cover

Kamen Rider W Volume 9 features episodes 33-36: Y's Tragedy/The Woman Looking For Yesterday, Y's Tragedy/Brother & Sister, Beyond the R/The Rain Called Monster Approaches and Beyond the R/Surpass Them All.

91WrR0schFL SL1471

Kamen Rider W Box 3, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 3 comes with 17 episodes.

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