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Icon-kuuga.png This article is about a Gurongi in Kamen Rider Kuuga.

Xu·Goma·Gu[src] (ズ・ゴオマ・グ, Zu Gooma Gu)[1][2] is a vampire-bat Gurongi who is a member of the Xu Group. He is given the codenames Unidentified Lifeform #3 (未確認生命体第3号, Mikakunin Seimeitai Dai Sangō) and B2 (B群2号, Bīgun Nigō).


Kamen Rider Kuuga

"You've become Kuuga!"
―Goma, upon witnessing Yusuke's transformation into Kuuga Mighty Form[src]

Goma disguises himself as Father Jose

Among the first Gurongi to appear in Nagano, Goma drains the blood from five humans in a single night until sunrise. While hiding away from the sun, he murders the preacher, Father Jose, and dons his attire to sleep in the Church until being discovered by Yusuke Godai. Though his sneak attack was foiled by the sudden appearance of light from a police car. At night, he manages to overpower Kaoru Ichijo who was searching through the church to follow a lead until Godai appears on his motorcycle to stop Goma's fatal blow. The appearance of the motorcycle knocks candles around which set the church on fire and set the background for when Yusuke, assuming Mighty Form for the first time, battles Goma.

Though he had the advantage with Xu·Gmun·Ba's aid, Goma retreats when dawn breaks, leaving Kuuga an opportunity to defeat Gmun. Transformation Later donning a black trench coat and fedora to protect himself from direct sunlight, Goma was removed from the game as a result of the majority of the Xu being killed, losing the right to play. As he is the last of the Xu he becomes La·Balva·De's underling to avoid death. While, flying from Tokyo to the site of Gurongi burial grounds in Nagano, Goma found a discarded piece of N·Daguva·Zeba's body and had the item refined by Nu-. He eventually used it on himself to evolve to a state where he can now resist sunlight and assume Strengthened Form.

Much later, Goma attacks Balva to force Daguva's location out of her with the intent to kill Daguva and become the ultimate darkness. Go·Gadol·Ba intervenes to cover Balva's escape in which Goma is forced to retreat as the final stages of his evolution take effect. Now able to assume his Ultimate Form, Goma goes on a killing spree in Chiba to slaughter as many people as he could to lure Daguva to him. Kuuga arrives to fight him in Titan Form as Ichijo uses a device specially made to disrupt Goma's via sound waves.

Goma's Death

Now in the forest, Goma manages to destroy the device and was close to finishing off Kuuga when Daguva finally arrives. He runs off to fight Daguva, only to be absolutely destroyed by him in mere seconds. With only his corpse as a remnant of the off-screen battle, Yusuke and Ichijo take his body to Shuichi Tsubaki for medical analysis, leading to the development of the Nerve Disruptor Rounds and a better understanding of the origin of the Amadam.

Movie War 2010

Xu·Goma·Gu, in his final form, was revived as part of the Dai-Shocker remnant, Super Shocker. He was part of the group led by Colonel Zol who witnessed the revival of the Super Crisis Fortress. When a newly revived Tsukasa, Natsumi, Yusuke, and Kaito arrived, he fought Decade with the Gecko Imagin until Diend finished him with his Final Attack Ride in an exchange finisher. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010

Kamen Rider Fourze

Goma, in Ultimate Form, was one of a trio of Gurongi (with Xu·Zain·Da and Me·Vagis·Ba) who were seen fighting Kuuga in new video footage that Tomoko Nozama found on the internet, along with other clips of past Kamen Riders, who are now known as urban legends. Space Superiority

Kamen Rider Wizard

He is destroyed by Double's Joker Extreme. The Kamen Rider Rings

Video game appearances

Kamen Rider Kuuga video game

Xu·Goma·Gu appears as a playable character in the Kamen Rider Kuuga video game.

Kamen Rider Agito & Kuuga Wild Battle

Xu·Goma·Gu is one of eight Gurongi who is playable in the Fighting, Training, and Survival Modes of Kamen Rider Agito & Kuuga Wild Battle.

Battle Spirits

Xu·Goma·Gu appears with other Kamen Riders and Monsters in Battle Spirits.





  • Height: 206 cm
  • Weight: 167 kg
  • Group: Xu

Goma's original form. It has a weakness to light, forcing it to only operate during the night.

Appearances: Kuuga Episodes 2, 7, 21-22

Strengthened Form

Xu·Goma·Gu Strengthened Form


  • Height: 208 cm
  • Weight: 198 kg
  • Group: Xu

Using a piece of Daguva's body, Goma advanced into Strengthened Form (強化体, Kyōkatai). In his sun-resistant state, Goma's skin is darkened and he grows long brown hair.

Appearances: Kuuga Episodes 36-38

Ultimate Form

Xu·Goma·Gu Ultimate Form


  • Height: 211 cm
  • Weight: 227 kg
  • Group: Xu

His most dangerous form, Ultimate Form (究極体, Kyūkyokutai) gives Goma a lightly armored body with his long hair turning white. In addition to flight and vampiric bites of his previous forms, he could also regenerate from grievous wounds.

Appearances: Kuuga Episodes 38-39,Movie War 2010,Fourze Episode 2

Behind the Scenes


Xu·Goma·Gu human form is portrayed by Mitsuru Fujio (藤生 みつる, Fujiō Mitsuru) as Gurongi his voiced si portrayed by Tetsuo Sakaguchi (坂口 哲夫, Sakaguchi Tetsuo) who later in the voiced Lawnmower OrgIcon-crosswiki.png in Hyakujuu Sentai GaorangerIcon-crosswiki.png.

Concept Art

Xu·Goma·Gu was designed by Takuya Abe (阿部 卓也, Abe Takuya).


Beelzebub Phantom.

  • His name is derived from the Japanese word for "bat" (蝙蝠, Kōmori), as well as opportunist, who this character is.
    • If written in kanji, Goma's name translates as "Strong Demon" (強魔, Gōma) or "fiend". This is in direct referment to his eventual evolution from his Normal Form into his Ultimate Form.
  • The head of Goma's costume would later be modified to become the head of the Beelzebub Phantom in Kamen Rider Wizard.
  • Xu·Goma·Gu being a bat Gurongi and the second Gurongi to appear mirrors Bat Man, the bat Shocker monster and the second monster to be fought by the original Kamen Rider, being the second monster of the first show of the original era just as Xu·Goma·Gu is the second monster of the first show of the revival era.
  • As Goma used a piece of Daguva's body, his Ultimate Form's enhancements rather fittingly display elements of both the latter and Kuuga's Ultimate Form, with the shoulder spikes being similar to Kuuga's and Daguva's, markings similar to those on Ultimate Kuuga's armor, and white hair possibly as a nod to Daguva's white armor.



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