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Xaviax's Promise is the fourteenth episode of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight. It features the last appearances of Drew Lansing and Brad Barrett.


After a big battle, James continues hunting Drew, while Chris finally makes up his mind about Len and Kit.


Torque and Strike begin their battle while Wing Knight and Thrust begin theirs at the same time. Kit and Chris arrive to back up Len. As the two battles converge, Drew sees an opportunity to vent everybody and nearly does so with his Final Vent before leaving. Thrust attacks Strike for using him as a human shield but is overpowered and vented. Kit and Len explain to Chris what happened to Thrust before they all head to Kit's apartment. Michelle Walsh gets Maya fired from her internet reporting job for reportedly faking evidence. Kit calls Maya, tells her about Thrust and invites her over to help fill Chris in on everything. Len senses that Torque has been vented and Chris says he's ready to listen.


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Advent Cards

  • Cards used:
    • Dragon Knight:
      • Guard Vent, Attack Vent (Dragreder)
    • Wing Knight:
      • Sword Vent, Guard Vent
    • Torque:
      • Shoot Vent, Final Vent, Attack Vent (Magnugiga), Launch Vent
    • Strike:
      • Sword Vent, Final Vent, Attack Vent (Venosnaker)
    • Thrust:
      • Strike Vent, Confine Vent, Final Vent
    • Sting:
      • Swing Vent, Final Vent


  • When Strike uses Attack Vent against Torque in their last fight, the Ryuki footage used actually shows him using Unite Vent, a card Strike doesn't have yet in Dragon Knight.

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