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For the A.R. World with the same name, see World of OOO (A.R. World).

World of OOO (オーズの世界 Ōzu no Sekai) is the second Kamen Rider Decade Edition of S.I.C. Hero Saga, based on Kamen Rider Decade. The first episode was published in Hobby Japan, December 2015. It serves as a crossover story with characters of Decade, OOO and even Gaim.


  1. End of the World
  2. Attack by the Wild Beasts
  3. Submarine Remains
  4. Greeed
  5. Badan Greeed
  6. I am Wolfman
  7. Treasure, Belt and an Important Person
  8. Gun, Whip and Gold Appearance
  9. Gun, Tentacle and Further Evolution
  10. World of Gaim
  11. World of Gaim Part.2
  12. World of Gaim Part.3
  13. World of Gaim Part.4
  14. World of Gaim Part.5
  15. World of 5 Colors
  16. New World



SIC Five Color Riders

"The 5 Color Kamen Riders!"

  • In the final chapters, Eijiro Hikari had told Natsumi that their backdrop became a rainbow with red, blue, green, yellow and pink when they are fighting Rider Robo. Then he excitedly shouted out that it's the color of Kuuga Mighty Form, Diend, OOO Legend Tatoba Combo('s leg), Gaim Natsumikan Arms(' Armor) and Decade. Call them an excellent squadron (戦隊 Sentai).
    • Considering the red, blue, green, yellow and pink is also the main color of the Gorengers, this plots might have foreshadowed Kamen Sentai Gorider.
    • The way the 5 Riders defeat Rider Robo is the same as Gorenger's Gorenger Storm while the "Storm Bomb" is replaced by Suika Arms.
  • The name "OOO Armor" Final Form Ride in this novel will later be used in the twentieth Heisei Rider series as a form of Kamen Rider Zi-O.
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