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Planet of Gamma

Planet of Gamma

The World of Gamma (眼魔の世界 Ganma no Sekai, lit."Eye Devil's World") is an extradimensional planet where the Gamma reside in the form of Eyecons, passing through to the human world through Gamma Holes and taking humanoid form.

The monolith also serves as a gateway to the Gamma's world. It was through the monolith that Makoto Fukami was sent to the Gamma world as a child alongside his younger sister Kanon in 2005. While Makoto had apparently remained intact, Kanon was left reduced to the form of a Gamma Eyecon as Makoto became Kamen Rider Specter, fighting to claim the 15 Ghost Eyecons and restore her. Chikara Saionji, encountering Makoto as a young man 10 years later, spoke to him of the incident, implying that it was a result of Ryu Tenkuji's experiment in studying the Ganma. Fast Shooting! Legendary Gunman! Meeting him again, Saionji later elaborated, claiming that Ryu Tenkuji, as the Ghost Hunter project leader, wanted to perform an experiment to see if a human could enter the Gamma world. Saionji went on to claim that while he and the other members of the team opposed his idea of human experimentation, Tenkuji had activated the monolith without their knowledge. Activate! Another Monolith! However, it turns out to be Saionji himself, who secretly used an experiment on the Fukami siblings, opening the monolith and activated the Gamma Hole which sucked the two siblings, just before Tenkuji and Kenjiro Igarashi arrived too late to stop Saionji from escaping. Reminiscence! Secret of the Mind!


World of Ganma

The red sky.

The planet is covered with a red atmosphere, with raging sandstorms. The atmosphere has a harmful effect on the habitants, which gradually weakens them. After the sky is purged by Akari's and Igor's device, it becomes bluish like that of the Earth.


The migration of Adonis's people

The first civil war

Gamma Empire

Gamma invasion of Earth

Post invasion and the potential second civil war


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