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World of Build

Japan in World of Build

The World of Build (ビルドの世界 Birudo no Sekai), alternatively referred to as World A, was an A.R. World home to Sento Kiryu and the reality which Kamen Rider Build takes place. As a result of Evolto's subsequent attempt to destroy the Earth, Japan was divided into three regions by the Sky Wall, while his work to regain the power he lost ultimately resulted in the creation of the eponymous Kamen Rider Build.

The World of Build begins to merge with a parallel world

It was ultimately merged with another Earth without the Sky Wall, which was coined by Sento as World B, and the resulting world dubbed the New World (新世 Shin Sekai). People who died in one of the worlds were simply replaced with their parallel versions, although those that died as a result of the Lost Bottle experiments now carried scars or were rendered comatose. If a person was alive on both worlds, both versions were merged, with the exception of Sento, who exists only because of Evolto's manipulation. Similarly, Ryuga was merged with a part of Evolto before birth, allowing him to exist alongside his alternate version.

Upon the appearance of Killbus and the activation of the Pandora Box via the White Panel, the memories of those who were experimented on by Faust, including Misora, Sawa, Kazumi, Gentoku, and Yui, were restored to their alternate selves, and Evolto was resurrected.


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Behind the scenes

As established from the first episode, the Sky Wall Disaster of ten years prior had extreme effects on Japan which were not present in prior Kamen Rider Series. Ultimately, the film Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders confirmed that Kamen Rider Build took place in its own world separate from the World of Ex-Aid, home to Ex-Aid as well as the various Legend Riders such as Ghost, Gaim, Fourze and OOO.


World of Build country in the Korean dub.

  • In the South Korean dub of Kamen Rider Build, the country was changed from Japan to a fictitious country due to political reasons.



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