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The Workplace Competition (お仕事勝負 Oshigoto shōbu) is a five-part competition between Hiden Intelligence and ZAIA Japan to determine the whether Humagears or the ZAIA Spec is superior. It was proposed by Gai Amatsu to Aruto Hiden following Gai's announcement of his intention to purchase Hiden Intelligence.


Although the MetsubouJinrai.net threat was seemingly eliminated from society, the public continued to have doubts over the safety of Humagears. As Hiden Intelligence as well as Aruto's own public image continue to be tarnished, Gai Amatsu, the CEO of ZAIA Japan announced a takeover bid to not only save Hiden Intelligence but to also take over all of humanity's technology.

In an effort to save his company, Aruto refused to go along with the buyout, which Gai responded by making him a deal. If they underwent a competition to determine which one of their applications of AI technology was superior in the workforce, Gai will rescind the buyout if Aruto and the Humagears prove supreme. However should they lose, Aruto will agree to give Hiden Intelligence up and proceed with the takeover.


Competition Participants

Hiden Intelligence

ZAIA Japan

Third Parties



The Competition

Round 1

Activity: Ikebana
Sakuyo Ichirin vs. Rentaro Tachibana
Episodes: 17 & 18

Rentaro vs. Sakuyo

In the first round of the workplace competition, Humagear Sakuyo Ichirin and the ikebana master Rentaro Tachibana with a ZAIA Spec competed against each other. The goal was to show the best Ikebana piece using the theme sunrise. Rentaro won the first round, but a rematch was declared after it was discovered that Rentaro sabotaged Sakuyo's piece beforehand out of fear of losing. In the process, Sakuyo became a Magia and Rentaro become a Raider.

In the rematch, Rentaro secured a fair victory and congratulated Sakuyo on her otherwise beautiful piece, which she replied that her piece was inspired by some of the Tachibana School's teachings. This scored ZAIA Japan's first point, putting them in the lead.

Hiden Intelligence - 0
ZAIA Japan - 1

Round 2

Activity: Real Estate
Smile Sumida vs. Tatsumi Arayashiki
Episodes: 19 & 20

Smile vs. Tatsumi

In the second round of the workplace competition, Humagear Smile Sumida was pitted against the realtor Tatsumi Arayashiki in a match of real estate. The goal was to sell the most homes within two weeks. However, a rematch was called after Tatsumi became a Raider and sabotaged Smile's clientele.

In the rematch, the two were given the task of selling a home to Ginnojou Oshiiro with a budget of 500 million yen. Smile's house was chosen by Oshiro, as it fit not only his location, but also his emotional needs. However because Tatsumi racked up more profit in the competition overall, the win went to ZAIA Japan, scoring their second point.

Hiden Intelligence - 0
ZAIA Japan - 2

Round 3

Activity: Trial
Bingo Bengoshi vs. Naoto Ichimori
Episodes: 21 & 22

Bingo vs. Naoto

In the third round of the workplace competition, a trial of litigation was held. Humagear attorney Bingo Bengoshi competed against Naoto Ichimori who worked as the prosecutor. The goal was to determine the fate of a young man named Yuto Sakaki, who had been accused by his fiancé Chiharu Ebii of swindling monetary funds from her. Should Yuto be innocent, Hiden Intelligence will win the round. However if Yuto was found guilty, ZAIA Japan will win.

In the climax of the trial, Bingo was able to acquire new evidence regarding the fact that the police detective who arrested Yuto was actually the true culprit. Taking advantage of the fact that Yuto used to participate in scam activities and turned over to a new leaf when he met Chiharu, Detective Narusawa found a good target to help him "illegally" increase his arrest rate by hacking into Yuto's phone, and embezzling money from Chiharu using Yuto's identity. To make sure Yuto received the guilty verdict, he transformed into a Raider and attacked Bingo in an attempt to stop the defense from coming up with a clear verdict and make the defense blame the prosecution for malpractice. With this new evidence, Yuto was declared innocent, scoring the first point for Hiden Intelligence. Yuto and Chiharu currently remain separated.

Hiden Intelligence - 1
ZAIA Japan - 2

Round 4

Activity: Firefighting
119 Nosuke vs. Captain Takeshi Homura
Episodes: 26 & 27

Nosuke vs. Homura

In the fourth round of the workplace competition, a fire drill was held in a three-story building with one basement floor. The Firefighter-type Humagear 119 Nosuke competed against the public firefighting captain Takeshi Homura to see who could evacuate the most civilians. The round was held in different stages, with the 3rd floor of the building not being used for the competition.

  1. Basement Floor: Rescue the 10 civilians trapped under the rubble. Both participants rescued five civilians each.
  2. 1st Floor: Put out the fire and rescue the four civilians. However a Raider appeared and elevated the competition to a real and actual emergency status. After the commotion, both parties manage to rescue two civilians each.
  3. 2nd Floor: Find the three civilians within the smoke while being visually impaired. Amongst the civilians were Jun Fukuzoe, Sanzo Yamashita, and Shesta. All three were rescued by Captain Homura with the help of Isamu Fuwa and Yua Yaiba, while 119 Nosuke heroically sacrificed himself to allow people to escape.

Due to the competition elevating to a live emergency, the win conditions were changed to whoever rescued vice-president Fukuzoe and his group. At the results meeting, it was determined that ZAIA Japan won as it was Captain Homura who had rescued them, but the latter acknowledged 119 Nosuke's heroic sacrifice that made the rescue possible and posthumously gave him his respect and praise. However, after it was discovered that an employee of ZAIA Japan, Daiki Kyogoku, had became the Scouting Panda Raider and sabotaged the competition in an attempt to secure a victory for ZAIA Japan, Gai recognized that his company was in the fault and gave the win to Hiden Intelligence, thus gaining their second point and tying the competition.

Hiden Intelligence - 2
ZAIA Japan - 2

Round 5

Activity: Election Campaign
MC Che.ck-It-Out vs. Masamitsu Yuto
Episodes: 28

Check It Out vs. Masamitsu

In the fifth and final round of the workplace competition, a referendum campaign was held between the Humagear rapper MC Che.ck-It-Out and the politician Masamitsu Yuto. The goal was to collect the most popular vote on the issue of whether Humagears should be accepted into society or not, while also voting on a potential rebuild of Daybreak Town.

However, Aruto and MC Che.ck-It-Out discovered that their opponents rigged the majority of the votes using a monetary bribe, and brought the issue up during the live debate to which Yuto's party denied the allegations saying the footage was doctored. After the populace publicly voiced their support for ZAIA Japan on live television, ZAIA Japan won and the buyout was commenced.

Hiden Intelligence - 2 (LOSE)
ZAIA Japan - 3 (WIN)


While the competition was originally held by Gai Amatsu, there were several instances in which Gai used external sources to gain an otherwise unfair advantage over Aruto, despite being vocal against cheating. Many individuals directly affiliated with him used malicious means against Hiden Intelligence and the Humagears to ensure their victory:

  • A remnant of MetsubouJinrai.net named Naki began distributing Raidrisers to the human competitors of the competition, particularly to Rentaro Tachibana and Tatsumi Arayashiki, who both willingly became Raiders out of fear of losing their round. This trend would ultimately continue and set the competition back following the 3rd round.
    • By extension, Daiki Kyogoku stole the Raidriser from ZAIA Japan, became a Raider and sabotaged the safety of the civilians during the 4th round.
  • Masuji Narusawa became a Raider and attacked Bingo Bengoshi to ensure the success of Yuto's prosecution.
  • Gai himself severed his competitors' connections to the Zea and uplinked them to the Ark instead, with the purpose of disabling their means of retaliating. This included using Zetsumerisers and Zetsumerisekeys to turn his opposing Humagears into Magia and creating the MetalCluster Hopper Key to disable Aruto's means of accessing Progrise Key data from the Zea.
    • Under normal circumstances, a Humagear turning into a Magia would immediately render them unable to compete, allowing ZAIA Japan to take a win by default as there is no mediator to enforce fair play. However, after receiving the Progrise Hopper Blade, it allowed him to return the Humagears to their original state by safely severing their connection to the Ark and restore his and their connection with Zea. This however only works if Aruto is able to do so in time before his opponents permanently destroy them.
  • Gai himself destroyed the only evidence that contained incriminating information regarding his illegal activities, which would result in his disqualification and possible arrest should it be made public.
  • Several ZAIA Japan employees were bribed to help endorse Masamitsu Yudo.
  • Gai used a bargaining chip to force loyalty onto those unwilling to cooperate with him. This included installing special control chips inside Yua and Isamu to make them loyal to him and ensure his victory against Hiden Intelligence. Gai created the Rampage Gatling Key for Isamu in the hopes he would use against Zero-One and ensure ZAIA Japan's victory.
    • However, Isamu was able to resist the control chip and use his new RampageVulcan form to overwhelm ZAIA completely.

Despite ZAIA Japan's malicious efforts to undermine the competition, there were a select number of ZAIA Japan representatives who did not do so, and instead praised the Humagears:

  • Naoto Ichimori applauded Bingo Bengoshi after he had succeeded to prove the innocence of his client while Naoto himself also already admitted he disliked ZAIA Japan as they encouraged him to cheat during the competition.
  • Takeshi Homura applauded 119 Nosuke for his heroic sacrifice on the 2nd floor during the 4th round, effectively supporting the decision to give the point to Hiden Intelligence instead.

As a result both Hiden Intelligence and AIMS being kept busy by fighting Raiders, Horobi escapes from A.I.M.S. custody with Naki's help and reunites with Jin, who had received the new ZAIA Slashriser.


As per the deal agreed on by both Gai and Aruto, Hiden Intelligence was acquired by ZAIA Japan as a new subsidiary of the company. Removing Aruto from his position, Gai took over as the new CEO of Hiden Intelligence and effectively rolled out his nationwide purge of the Humagears, reimbursing the public with ZAIA Spec instead.

Due to his removal as a company president, Aruto's transformation acknowledgements by the Zea are revoked and is forced to relinquish both Izu and the Zero-One Driver to Gai himself. However after regaining both Izu and the Zero-One Driver thanks to Jin's help, and Izu filing the rights to a new company, Aruto's transformation statuses are restored.

Isamu leaves A.I.M.S. after becoming fully aware of ZAIA Japan's malicious goals and the A.I. chip installed in his brain. He is hired by Aruto to work as a security guard for his company.

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