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Wonder World

The Wonder World (ワンダーワールド, Wandā Wārudo) is an alternate world that appears in Kamen Rider Saber.


This world is a colorful fantasy world, populated not only by humans, but also by different creatures, mechanical God Beasts, Animals and Story Characters. This world is also visually anaglyphic, and the air contains bubbles. When a chunk of the Wonder World is summoned, burnt pages can be seen flying in the wind.

Because of the Wonder World's need of a guardian (i.e. Tassel), the death of one would case the World to crumble into corruption, with the sky turning red. This can cause the Wonder World to "leak out" into the real world and corrupt it. This process was sped up with the Charybdis Megid forcibly chomping off the barrier separating the Wonder World from Earth's plane of existence. However, the corruption can be temporary stopped by creating a barrier out of the Haouken Xross Saber's powers.

Following the victory against Storious, Touma Kamiyama moved to Wonder World and became its new guardian. With the stories he created, the dimension was fully restored and transformed into a brand new one, where he opened a bookstore there. After one year, Touma would return to the real world and reunite with his friends.


There are several methods to summon or enter the Wonder World:

  • The use of an Alter Ride Book, notably by a Megid. This Alter Ride Book will allow a chunk of the Wonder World to be swapped with a real world chunk, so people in the real world chunk would be transported into the Wonder World. This Book will create a Megid monster who will seek the real world for stories. A new book will be in writing, taking the stories, and if the book's finished writing, the world chunk swap will be complete. The only way to stop the book being written is to defeat the created Megid.
  • The use of a Book Gate, which is a standard-issue item to all members of the Sword of Logos.


Main article: War of Wonder World

Wonder World was seen summoned by:


God Beasts


  • Lion Senki
  • Needle Hedgehog (ニードルヘッジホッグ, Nīdoru Hejjihoggu)[3]
  • Storm Eagle (ストームイーグル, Sutōmu Īguru)[4]

Story Characters




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