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The Wolfens before killed by Rook.

The Wolfens (ウルフェン族 Urufen-zoku) are an extremely endangered werewolf-like race in Kamen Rider Kiva. Most of the Wolfen were killed off by the Fangire, seeing them as a threat. Their only survivor, Jiro, is now in service to the present Kamen Rider Kiva after being freed from the Fangire King by Otoya Kurenai.

The Wolfen possess heightened senses and use their claws to rip out human souls from their body before eating them. They also have a feral fighting style and are one of, if not the fastest of the Demon Races. They are also able to assist any Kiva Riders by adding a portion of their powers to them while also becoming a part of their armor and weapons.



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