This article is about a/an half form in Kamen Rider Build.

The Wolf Halfbody (ウルフハーフボディ Urufu Hāfubodi) is a biotic A-Side Halfbody of Kamen Rider Build. Accessed through the Wolf Fullbottle, its Best Match is the Smapho Halfbody.

In any form that uses the Wolf Fullbottle, Build is armed with the Wolfatal Claw (ウルフェイタルクロー Urufeitaru Kurō) on his right arm for channeling animal instinct.



SmaphoWolf was presented by Takumi Katsuragi on a datacard as one of the many alternative Best Matches to the prime RabbitTank. The Trap of Project Build


KRBu-Wolf Fullbottle

Wolf Fullbottle

Vortex Finish

Build surrounds himself with a ring of energy smartphone icons before a black energy wolf shadow circles it, leaps out, and rams into any enemy within the ring.


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