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"(Ziku-Driver D '9 Slot Ridewatch's transformation announcement)! Armor Time! (Drum beat) Please! Wizard!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Finish Time! Wizard! Strike Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

WizardArmor (ウィザードアーマー Wizādo Āmā) is a Kamen Rider Wizard-based form accessed using the Wizard Ridewatch, invoking Kamen Rider Wizard's Flame Style. It is summoned via a Magical Portal which partially passes over the wearer before transforming into its proper armor form. WizardArmor's Flame Ring Shoulders (フレイムリングショルダー Fureimu Ringu Shorudā) are modeled after the Flame Wizard Ring, and depending on whether it is used by Zi-O or Geiz, its visor spells out "Wizard" (ウィザード Wizādo) in katakana or "Wizard" (うぃざーど Wizādo) in hiragana respectively.[1]



After retrieving the Wizard Ridewatch from Kosuke Nitoh, Geiz used WizardArmor to stop Hayase's first rampage as Another Wizard. Beauty & Beast 2012

On December 8th 2018, Geiz assumed the WizardArmor alongside Zi-O GaimArmor to fight Another Ghost. Geiz soon pointed out that it was more appropriate to use Ghost's power and so loaned him the Ghost Ridewatch to assume GhostArmor. Geiz and Zi-O quickly overwhelmed Another Ghost but were stopped just short of performing their respective finishers when Heure revealaed that to defeat the Another Rider would kill him. In this moment of hesitation, the two Riders were assaulted by the Flame Saber of Kamen Rider Decade: Agito Ground Form, forcing Geiz out of his transformation. Ghost Hunter 2018



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