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Icon-faiz.png This article is about a trio of villains in Kamen Rider 555.

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The Wirepullers of Smart Brain (スマートブレインの黒幕, Sumāto Burein no Kuromaku) are the mysterious leaders of Smart Brain who appear in Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost.

Behind the scenes


They are played by Gorō Naya (納谷 悟朗, Naya Gorō), Seizō Katō (加藤 精三, Katō Seizō), Shōzō Iizuka (飯塚 昭三, Iizuka Shōzō), all voice actors who are noted for playing villains in Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. Gorō Naya in particular, voiced the many incarnations of the Great Leader in the Showa era Kamen Rider Series as well as the Emperor Crisis in Kamen Rider Black RX, who is suggested to be yet another incarnation of the Great Leader.