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Windscale (ウィンズケール Uindozukēru) is a series of specialty brand stores that are in the city of Futo that sell a variety of high end clothing including vests, fedoras and jewelry.

In The Series

Kazetani Windscale Store

Shotaro confronts Yousuke at the Windscale department store in Kazetani.

In the first case of the series, a man named Yousuke Togawa uses the Magma Gaia Memory to target Windscale stores as he was fired from the company and wanted revenge. His next target was the Kazetani branch which Philip and Shotaro deduced using the Product Tag ID Number of an article of clothing seen in a photograph from a previous crime scene. Yousuke attempted to destroy the Kazetani branch store, but Kamen Rider Double saved the store and broke the Magma Memory. Yousuke was then killed by the T-Rex Dopant. Shotaro then found a Windscale article of clothing after being attacked by the T-Rex Dopant, which belonged to the killer. He then asked Phillip to look up women's clothing in the Gaia Library to discover who purchased the clothes. This revealed that Marina Tsumura, a former fashion designer for Windscale, was the murderer and Yosuke's partner. She wanted to destroy Windscale so the executive who fired her would suffer financial ruin for taking credit for her work.The W Search/Two Detectives in One The W Search/Those Who Make the City Cry

Shotaro's hat

Shotaro's Hat

Shotaro is a frequent buyer of Windscale clothing, as most of his wardrobe consists of Windscale brand fedoras, ties and vests. His partner Phillip wears Windscale brand hoodies and striped shirts as part of his clothing.

Real World

To meta-promote the Kamen Rider W TV series, Bandai Premium created an actual Windscale fashion line of clothes, jewelry and accessories to tie into the show, including replicas of the hats, vests and ties Sokichi Narumi and Shotaro Hidari wore in the show.[1]


  • Keeping with the wind thematic in W, a wind scale is the term for a measurement of wind force such as the Beaufort scale which measures wind speed.
  • A chapter of Futo Detective that revealed the origin of Shotaro's partnership with Sokichi Narumi also revealed that Windscale had existed since the 1990s as a young Shotaro wore a shirt that said "Windscale 1999".

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