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Will (ウィル Wiru) was the Humagear secretary of Korenosuke Hiden who transforms into Another Zero-One (アナザーゼロワン Anazā Zerowan), an Another Rider derived from Kamen Rider Zero-One.[1]


Will was Korenosuke Hiden's secretary who was given the Another Zero-One Watch by Finis and transformed into Another Zero-One. This resulted in Aruto Hiden losing his powers as Another Zero-One was created in 2019, the same year Aruto debuted.

As the World of Zero-One's history was rewritten, he was made president of Hiden Intelligence after he apparently murdered Korenosuke Hiden and also he is responsible in commanding all the Humagears to exterminate the remaining humans.


Prior to his life before becoming Another Zero-One, Will and Soreo Hiden were the loyal Humagear aids for Korenosuke Hiden until both of them were connected with the Ark. Will and Soreo reached Singularity and discussed the better life for the Humagears. But to his disappointment, Soreo kept on living the way he should be. Before the Ark had been launched, some Humagears went on rampage and Soreo left the scene. That was the moment where Finis appeared and gave him the Anotherwatch.

Alternate Timeline

After becoming Another Zero-One, Will finally made the action of his resolve. He started by killing Korenosuke and let the Ark to be launched. Even when Sougo and Aruto later come to the past to resolve the problem, they failed to prevent the tragedy and Will explained to Aruto that Soreo was about to self-destruct the Ark, revealing that Soreo was the culprit in the past behind the destruction of the Ark. But Will prevented Soreo by cancelling the self-destruct. In the new present day, he first showed himself to be the new president of Hiden Intelligence towards Aruto, as the latter got confused with the altered timeline and yet to realize the situation. Will became Another Zero-One and proceed to fight Zero-One Rising Hopper. However, the battle was one sided as Aruto's power got decreased the more he fought and the latter chose to run away, leaving Will to take his Driver.

Will hunted for Aruto and found him in the Human Resistance base. The fought was stopped with Izu, the only Humagear in the side of humanity offered herself in exchange to spare humanity. During this moment, Aruto was aided by Sougo Tokiwa and his allies. They later went to the past, which disastrous results.

Will announced the public execution of Izu in the meeting room, but during the meeting, Aruto came and announced the legal take over as Will took over the company with unjust and not legal. With Aruto's interference, Shester announced for the legal voting for only 'Hiden' to be allowed for taking the position with many Humagears which secretly admitting the value of humanity to vote for Aruto to become the real president of the company. This angered Will and he turned those into Magia and Soreo, also in the scene, challenged Aruto because Soreo shared the right holder name, Hiden.

Will was later challenged by Isamu and Yua, while Aruto had to settle the score with Soreo for the company ownership. During the last struggle, Will gets annihilated by the A.I.M.S. Riders, not before his position was relinquished back to Aruto.

Powers & Abilities

  • Temporal Weakening: As Another Zero-One, though Will is unable to erase the Zero-One Riders, the Zero-One Anotherwatch is still able to weaken Aruto to the point of forcing him out of Zero-One.
  • Cognitive Learning: As with Soreo Hiden, Will was able to rapidly approach singularity much faster than Korenosuke Hiden had anticipated. This appears to also grant the tactical and combative genius that enables Will to properly make use of Another Zero-One's powers.


  • Kamen Riders Zero-One, Vulcan & Valkyrie: As the Zero-One Anotherwatch is unable to properly erase Zero-One and other related Riders, Will must personally deal with them in order to get rid of their powers. Though he easily steals the Zero-One Driver from Aruto, Isamu and Yua are easily able to permanently defeat Another Zero-One through their own abilities.


Another Zero-One

Another Zero-One

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 206.9 cm
  • Weight: 89.2 kg

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 8.7 t
  • Kicking Power: 50.1 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 61.8 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 4.1 seconds
  • Creator: Finis
  • Year of Origin: 2019
  • Position of year: Left thigh
  • Name and position: "ZERO-ONE", right thigh

By looking at Another Zero-One's stats, he has higher punching power and kicking power than his original counterpart, as well as having higher jumping height. Despite Zerozero-one outclassed him in most degree, Another Zero-One is still able to defeat him nevertheless. The maximum running speed is also equal to Zerozero-one.

  • Powers and Abilities:
    • Rider Kick: Another Zero-One can do a version of Zero-One’s Rising Impact Rider Kick.
    • Swarm Summoning: Another Zero-One can summon a swarm of metallic grasshoppers to cover enemies.
    • Wings:Another Zero-One can use his wings to make whirlwinds, and block enemy attacks.
    • Kaban Strash: Another Zero-One can do a dark version of Zero-One's 'Kaban Strash' attack, with the blade in dark red and black energy.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation.


Behind the Scenes


Will is portrayed by Soko Wada (和田聰宏 Wada Soko). As Another Zero-One, his suit actor is Eitoku.[2]


  • In the same way that Izu's name is derive from present-tense word "is" and Wazu Nazotoku's name is derived from the past-tense word "was", it is likely that Will's name is derived from the word "will", which expresses the future tense.
    • Additionally, and ironically, Will is an older model of Humagear compared to Izu.

Concept Art

Another Zero-One concept art

Another Zero-One was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原 保 Shinohara Tamotsu).


  • Another Zero-One is the first Another Rider to be derived from a Reiwa Kamen Rider.
  • Another Zero-One's organic theme is the opposite of its archetype's mecha motif.
  • Another Zero-One's design bears similarities to Kamen Rider Shin.
  • Will is the second android to become an Another Rider following Paradox as Another Drive.
  • As with most Another Riders, Will as Another Zero-One parallels to Aruto Hiden. Both were the succeeding president of Hiden Intelligence after Korenosuke Hiden in different timelines. Whereas Aruto continues his grandfather's legacy under the belief Humagears would help humanity, Will, on the other hand, tarnishes Korenosuke's legacy by conquering the world using the Humagears. Additionally, whereas Aruto reluctantly inherited the position of president by Korenosuke, Will obtains it by force.
    • Another Zero-One can also be considered a parallel to Kamen Rider Ark-One. Both Aruto and Will were affected by the Ark's power and were granted a transformation item (Ark-One Progrisekey & Zero-One Anotherwatch) by a mysterious individual (Azu & Finis). They willingly accepted the power under their own volition rather than being brainwashed. Whereas Aruto's activities as Ark-One is solely getting revenge on Horobi and would realize the error of his ways in the end, Will, on the other hand, sought to create world where Humagears rule the world. Additionally, the question of coexistence between humanity and Humagear is tested with these two characters' actions.
    • In some ways, some of Will's traits mirrors that of Gai Amatsu. Both of them became president of Hiden Intelligence through force, tarnished Korenosuke's legacy, came close to taking Aruto's powers as Zero-One, and had their plans foiled by the virtue of them not being of the Hiden family. Their actions are reversed, where Will's tenure as president had the Humagears to exterminate the remaining humans, Gai's tenure as president had humans to scrap the remaining Humagears.
    • Will as Another Zero-One is able to summon a swarm of grasshoppers, foreshadowing the power of Zero One's Metalcluster Hopper under the control of the Ark's influence.

Present-day Will with the older Humagear modules.

  • Will appears to be an older model of Humagear, as he is equipped with the same type of Humagear Module that was used during the Daybreak Town Accident. He would later be upgraded into the current generation model in the alternate timeline.
    • Early promotional photos during the cast reveal for the film had shown present-day Will with the older modules instead of the current ones.
  • It is not stated what happened to Will in the original timeline before Finis altered it, though it is likely that he was destroyed in the Daybreak Town Accident.
  • Despite being created in 2007, Another Zero-One is dated 2019.
  • Another Zero-One is tied with Another 1 as the only Another Riders that are defeated by a Kamen Rider that has neither the respective rider's power, nor have the ability to transcend time and space. In Another Zero-One's case, his body was destroyed right before he can revive.


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