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Wildboarder (ワイルドボーダー Wairudobōdā) is a red Wild Boar Mirror Monster armed with a shield in each arm, lasers from the four torso horns, and can slam into enemies with up to 200 tons of force. It first appeared when Shimada was kidnapped by a man with a grudge against ORE Journal. Moving with incredible speed, Wildboarder grabbed the kidnapper and dragged him into the mirror world, unwittingly setting Shinji up as the crook with Knight attempting to kill the monster when Zolda interfered. When the monster later tries to eat the kidnapper's daughter Yukari, Ryuki and Knight fight it until Zolda takes advantage to destroy them all, with Wildboarder killed during the onslaught of Zolda's End of World.

Behind the scenes

Suit Actor

Wildboarder's suit actor is Fumiya Touei (藤榮 史哉 Tōei Fumiya).



Wildboarder's concept design.

Wildboarder was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原 保 Shinohara Tamotsu).


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Kamen Rider Cerberus


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