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Wild Slasher Rousing Sickle Mode

Wild Slasher (Rousing Sickle Mode)

Wild Slasher Rousing Arrow Mode

Wild Slasher (Rouzing Arrow Mode)

―Finisher announcement in Rousing Arrow Mode[src]

The Rousing Sickles Wild Slasher (醒鎌ワイルドスラッシャー Seiren Wairudo Surasshā) are Wild Chalice’s primary armament. They are two kama-like weapons that resemble the forelegs of a preying mantis and can be combined with the Chalice Arrow. The Wild Slashers have an AP of 9800 and are folded and stored in the Shadow Holster (シャドウホルスター Shadō Horusutā) on Wild Chalice's legs when not in use


Rousing Sickle Mode (醒鎌モード Seiren Mōdo) is the Wild Slashers' default form used for melee combat. Like the Chalice Arrow, the Slasher Edge (スラッシャーエッジ Surasshā Ejji) blades on the Wild Slashers are high frequency blades that vibrate 300 million times per second.

Rousing Arrow Mode (醒弓モード Seiyu Mōdo) is the combined form of the Wild Slashers and the Chalice Arrow. It raises the destructive output of the Chalice Arrow by a factor of 1.5.


By swiping the Wild Rouze Card between the Wild Slashers in Rousing Arrow Mode, Wild Chalice initiates the Wild Cyclone (ワイルドサイクロン Wairudo Saikuron) finishing attack, in which he fires a beam of concentrated energy.

Behind the scenes


Along with the Rouze Absorber and King Rouzer, the Wild Slasher was voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki (立木 文彦 Tachiki Fumihiko).

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