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"Driver On, Now!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Shabadoobi Touch Henshin!"
―Transformation stand by announcement[src]

"Change, Now!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Lupachi Magic Touch Go!"
―Magic activation stand by announcement[src]

"(Magic Ring), Now!"
―Magic activation announcement[src]

"Yes, (Magic Ring)! Understand?"
―Finisher announcement[src]

"(Kamen Rider), Now!: (Dark) Rider, Rider, Rider!"
―Kamen Rider summoning annoucement[src]

The Transformation Belt White Wizard Driver (変身ベルト 白い魔法使いドライバー Henshin Beruto Shiroi Mahōtsukai Doraibā) is the transformation belt created by Sou Fueki, having implanted the Manmade Phantom Carbuncle into his body, to transform himself into Kamen Rider Wiseman (White Wizard).

White Wizard Driver is identical to Wizard's Wizardriver, except for the red trim around the Hand Author as opposed to gold, the voice tone deeper than Haruto's Wizardriver, pointed fingers, and a black strap & accents instead of silver. Orma and the users of Kamen Rider Mage also happen to have a Wizardriver with an identical design to Fueki's, the latter being dubbed Mage's Belt.

Unfortunately, White Wizard Driver was ultimately destroyed by Gremlin when he unleashed a diagonal slash on a weakened Fueki with his own Hamel Cane. The Important Thing is... Later, through the machinations of the Phantom Ogre, a manifestation of Koyomi appeared with her own White Wizard Driver which she used to transform into Kamen Rider Wiseman. Kamen Rider Wizard: The Promised Place


  • When using certain Wizard Rings associated with Kamen Rider Wizard, the spells are called out by different names:
    • Transformation Rings (when a Dragon Style ring is scanned, the respective element is said, but with "Dragon" added), these also apply to the Special Rush ring.
      • Flame = Volcano (ヴォルケーノ Vorukēno)
      • Water = Hydro (ハイドロ Haidoro)
      • Hurricane = Tempest (テンペスト Tenpesuto)
      • Land = Horizon (ホライズン Horaizun)
      • Infinity = Almighty (オールマイティ Ōrumaiti)
    • Magic Rings
      • Big = Giant (ジャイアント Jaianto)
      • Bind = Chain (チェーン Chēn)
      • Copy = Dupe (デュープ Dyūpu)
      • Dance = Trance (トランス Toransu)
      • Defend = Barrier (バリア Baria)
      • Dress Up = Costume (コスチューム Kosuchûmu)
      • Drill = Screw (スクリュー Sukuryū)
      • Extend = Flexible (フレキシブル Furekishiburu)
      • Light = Spark (スパーク Supāku)
      • Small = Micro (ミクロ Mikuro)
      • Smell = Smoke (スモーク Sumōku)
      • Any PlaMonster = PlaMonster (プラモンスター Puramonsutā)
  • When scanning a special attack Wizard Ring (Kick Strike, Special, Blizzard, Thunder, Gravity), it proclaims "Yes: (Ring name), Understand?"
  • In contrast to the Wizardriver's use of the word "Please", White Wizard Driver uses "Now" (ナウ Nau) when its owner uses it, which demands magic, and thus showing disrespectfulness. However, since White Wizard's magic source was later revealed to come from himself via an artificial Phantom, it could be considered redundant if he asked a sentience-less Phantom for magic.
    • When Haruto's Dragon Style Rings are used, White Wizard Driver still says "Dragon".
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