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Which Era Did Eiji Tomari Arrive in? (泊エイジはいつの時代にたどり着いたのか Tomari Eiji wa Itsu no Jidai ni Tadoritsuita no ka) is the fourth and final episode of Kamen Rider Drive: Movie Roadshow Commemoration! 1 Minute Stories, a miniseries produced to promote the film Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future. It aired after episode 41.


Eiji finds himself in August 5, 2015 in the past. He knows that at this time, Krim will control Shinnosuke/Drive and forces him to destroy a portion of the city, framing his father in the process. As he runs, the NEXTridoron appears but looking at his late father's burned necktie, he has no signs of despair and runs to find Shinnosuke.



  • Answer to the episode's question: August 5, 2015, the year his father is still alive.
  • Despite being aired following episode 41, it actually takes place just before the movie it promotes, which is set between episodes 40 and 41.

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